Official Heroes of Newerth Website Launch

Citizens of Newerth!

We've removed the NDA on everything about Heroes of Newerth.
So, you are now permitted to awe your friends with screenshots, videos of this DotA Based Game.

At the same time, we are also proud to reveal to you the Heroes of Newerth website.
Drop by and satisfy your desire on the latest media of Heroes of Newerth.

We've also given out new beta keys to some of the people who've joined the HoN Beta Contests/Giveaways.
If you still haven't received your beta keys, why don't you ask your friends who are in the Closed Beta for some spare keys.

Or you can try your luck on the following:

Linux Users Beta Keys Giveaway
General Revolutionize DBG Genre Beta Keys Giveaway

Heroes of Newerth is a game title by S2 Games under the DBG genre.


  1. pls i want a key my email is thx a lot :)

  2. Pretty webdesign. I never played Dota or Hon, but with this website and the media i have the strong feeling this is the game i waited for.

    To bad only Betatesters can preorder - i would buy it right now to get a Betakey :((

    Perhaps i have some luck this way:

  3. please send me a beta key please


    here's my email

  4. Keys and tournament at
    Please do post about the tournament on your blog.. Big thanks

  5. HI sir can i have some
    beta key
    to register to HON
    and play please send to my
    some beta key

    THNK YOU to WHO want to give a BATE KEY
    i wait you to send me beta key =)

  6. a)saint-neo
    c)Windows XP SP3

  7. hello GM S2 can you please send me a beta key i want to play HON its looks like cool 3-D dota game thanks more power

  8. can i have to a beta key pls..

  9. please sent one for me too....iv been looking for beta keys for a long time yet i havent found one... please im so desperate... send it to my

  10. please send to me a beta key I'am always using my classmate's account and now he don't want me to barrow that he always says "create your own account"but I can't because I don't have any beta key so please send me one and I'll thank you very very much!send it here!god bless you for your kindness!

  11. hey i wait key s pls send me key i wait you my mail