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  1. 1. I've been a DotA player for at least 2 years now, probably longer, and I was amazed to find that several games are being made commercially that mirror DotA. Honestly, I'm extremely curious about how this plays.

    2. I'm not quite sure if it is a good thing, it is splitting apart the once huge DotA community. If it manages to get a lot of new players into it, it'd be the best "revolution", but only time will tell if more people join. I think the updated graphics and engine could prove to be useful.

    PS. Email is PharaohsVizier[at]gmail.com

  2. 1) Video games are my passion and is an intricate part of my life and always will be. Ever since playing Dota I have been looking forward to the next step in the DBG genre. I want to see that Heroes of Newerth becomes the standard that unites the "Dota community", instead of the other titles (League of Legends, Demigod, etc).

    2)I am looking for Heroes of Newerth to revolutionize this unique niche by coming up with a persistent gameplay strategy. Dota leaves me feeling a little discouraged after completing a game cause I am not rewarded for a win or penalized for a loss. If Heroes of Newerth can do this, it will become a solid game title.

  3. 1)Dota has been my favorite game for about 4 to 5 years now and trying a game heavily based on dota without the World Editor limitations would be amazing for me. I have a couple of friends already in HoN beta and I'd really enjoy playing with them as well.

    2)I think it's a great step, it's going to take dota to the next level, it's own game engine will allow it to be able to go beyond the limitation of WC3 World editor, I'm really looking forward seeing all the new things that are gonna be possible. The thing that really made me want to play HoN is that it's Dota, not just inspired of it like LoL or Demi God, those 2 are too far from dota for my likes, why change something that is perfect or almost ?

    I wasn't sure about the profile thing to post so well I chose anonymous but my email is DNDLL_BILL@Hotmail.com
    My name is John.

  4. 1)i wanna be a beta key cuz HoN is a legacy of DoTA(RLY?)=_ yeah.
    but it's more,it's really great play HoN,and aprentice more and more about Defence Of The Ancients.

    2)well,HoN is revolutionize the dota based on the own structure to play and the new grafics generation.More and More players enjoy US.


  5. 1. I want to win a beta key so I can provide better feedback then just based off pictures and videos to help the team of S2 games make this game as good as possible before its official release.

    2.How I think Heroes of Newerth revolutionizes the Dota Based Games?

    HoN is what Dota could have been was it not for the limitations of the Blizzards World Editor. Better graphics, better engine which leads to better game mechanics and gameplay. Also much nice and detailed terrain and visual effect. Dota was eventuall going to be turned into a much more advance game that it already is and I believe HoN is one those advanced games that takes the series a step further.

    E-Mail: Gianni_Rosheuvel@hotmail.com

    Good Luck S2 Games. Wish you guys the best of luck with the development of Heroes of Newerth.

  6. 1. I have played dota for years and i own demigod. I still stick to dota, and then i heard about HON. The fact that it is so similar to dota but with the upgraded graphics and UI makes it sound very enticing to me. I would love to be able to work on the beta version of this game and see what it's about.

    2. I believe the full development team behind this game will allow for a lot more balance than one person making all of the calls (i still appreciate icefrog for what he does). Also I believe the more adaptable engine will allow for an overall impressive game.

    Good Luck, Email dre_525(at)yahoo.com

  7. 1. i want to help develop and give ideas (if i can) towards the developing of this game...

    2. as long as it's unique...im sure a lot of people will come and play

    e-mail : xhauxt_adn18@yahoo.com

  8. 1. I've played DotA for a tremendous amount of time and always did wonder if I would want to move on to LoL, Demigod, etc. and this seems ideal - the very same game!

    2. Perhaps revolution isn't the right word - DotA has already carved such a huge niche in the market I feel HoN's improvements will lie in perhaps improving the general sense of community that DotA lacks and in general building upon - not revolutionizing - a solid foundation.

    whitefox a/t gmail.com

  9. 1. I have played DotA with a group of friends for 3-4 years now and would love to try out this new game. I have watched various videos and cannot wait to try the game out for myself.

    2. This game will revolutionize this genre simply because its new and edgy look. It seems to be a replica of DotA with much better graphics. It will appeal to more people than just those who played Warcraft 3 and will attract new players who have never even heard of DotA.

  10. 1. After playing DotA for a few years casually with friends, i'd like to experience this beta with some of my friends who are already in it.

    2. I hope this game will address some of the gripes people have with the original DotA, and improve the community of players, as that is 1 issue I always had with DotA players.


  11. 1.
    I've been playing dota for several years now and I was very excited when I heard there were commercial games coming up that are heavily based on it. However, I was very disappointed when first playing demigod. While it's vaguely based on dota I think it abandoned the most important and fun part - ganking. Also it was simplified too much in my opinion and lost most of it's competitive character.
    Now I'm hoping for the other 2 competitors, HoN and League of Legends. For league of Legends however, there's one thing that scares me a lot. It's the persistent part of the summoner. One of the things I like most about dota is that at the beginning of a match everyone starts out even. If there's only a slight chance that I'd have a disadvantage when playing against someone who's not a better player but simply spent more time playing the game LoL is dead for me and sadly it seems that will be the case.

    So, since there's only HoN left it is only natural that I'd want to test out it's beta as it could very well be the game I'm going to be playing for the next 5 or so years.

    I think the game (dota) is almost perfect as it is. It's only real flaws come with it's restriction to warcraft 3.
    The warcraft 3 engine and user interface aren't suited very well for a game of that type. Also it's graphics are kind of outdated.
    Now HoN seems address exactly these points. It changes as little as possible from the original game but adds an independant platform and will thus create the "perfect" game. At least for me.


  12. 1. It's all because i'm bored of graphic in classic dota. I want to check something new. I've been playing dota for 2years i think i could help in testing it. I saw gameplay of it, n' i just want to play it.

    2. Hmm, i think Heroes of Newerth won't revolutionize Dota. Dota is about to be perfect. Mby if they add some new maps, heroes, intresting skills to improve teamwork, then it will.

    sorry for mistakes

  13. 1.I have played Dota for some years now with some friends, now they got a beta key to HoN and i didnt have same luck so now im here without any friends playing DotA and no beta key to HoN :(

    2.It´s hard to say couse i have not tested it, i have only watch gameplay video and screenshots.
    But what i can see is that the graphics on HoN are great and looks sweet. The fact that its just 1 game and not just a game add map like Dota is nice then maybe the devolopers will patch it faster, better.



  14. 1. Been playing DotA for about 4 years now, ever since 5.xx? I dont really remember, but the version with sa and deathward. I believe I am in the top 10% of DotA players out there as I play competitive DotA like tournaments and leagues. I hardly play pub anymore just clanwars. I'd like a key to learn the game mechanics so I can teach my clanmates and hopefully be one of the higher tier teams in the future if the game becomes worldwide played e-sport.

    2. The game has much potential both in gameplay and visual presentation. If executed correctly the game can become worldwide like DotA, with tournaments being held at every lan/internet cafe around the world. Of course graphics isn't everything, we can see this from examples of games such as WC3, SC and CS 1.6. All really old games with pretty terrible graphics compared to todays mainstream games but they are still the top most played games. A major point that these games are so loved is because of balance. If HoN's balance mechanics are similiar to DotA and visual graphics are on par or better than todays mainstream games then theres no doubt, this game will be a big hit.

    I hope to see HoN soon in the coming year and would love to see it become a competitive e-sports. Best of luck to the S2 team.


  15. 1.
    I've been playing DotA already for 4 years since now and I'm on a quite good level of that. I already have some friends on HoN and It'll be a pleasure to play with them and I want to try maybe the next competitive version of DBG after W3 cause from the screenshots and gameplay videos I can for certain see that there are many more opportunities to improve the DBG engine rather then in WC3
    As I said, there are much more things that can be formed in the HoN engine, so its only restricted by its creators fantasy and thats a good thing. As a con I see that DotA has been creating over more then 5 years since now and it is really balanced in all aspects of the game and its a lil more synoptical. Time will tell which game will be the DBG one that will be played at the competitive scene.


  16. 1.
    I play DotA for a long time of my life, and I want help to increase quality of the game.And I am programer in C,C++, C# and JAVA maybe my experience could to help.
    I need this key because I realy want play this game, it's awesome!!!


  17. 1. im playing dota 4-5 years now and this game is the evolution of dota with better gameplay etc and i gotta play it
    2. if many ppl play this game it will sure be the best revolution on this genre for sure

  18. 1. im playing dota 4-5 years now and this game is the evolution of dota with better gameplay etc and i gotta play it
    2. if many ppl play this game it will sure be the best revolution on this genre for sure


  19. 1- I hate DoTA.. the map mod is so broken even though it's fun somehow but still broken at balance and stuff. Yeah I hope to see something new in HON, since you guys are the same dev for SAVAGE right? that's stuff is new but not really addictive to me. hope to see something awesome and more than DoTA stuff in this game, to make the game more complicate yet simple and fun(like those "non-base buidling" in RTS games nowadays like Homeworld((old), DoW II, CNC4(yeah, EA killed the base building system and gonna make it more Homeworld-ish) so yeah.. sorry for the long reading but I want the key just to see new stuff in this game that have to offer.
    2- If you guys can keep adding new content or new gameplay mode or new way to use player's skill, micro management and stuff(some heroes that can summon small army which take amount of micro skill to best them). remember guys, be more than DoTA =D


  20. 1: I have played dota since 6.30, to be exact. But since then I’ve seen dota grow, sometimes I loved the changes that where made, the new heroes that where made, and the new items created. this made the game wonderful to play, it is hard to explain, but I think what I’m trying to say here is that I would like to see this dota alike game (which is the most promising of all dota alike games) grow, see it improve, and live. I think this game has great potential, and I would love to have this opportunity to play this game and see it grow.

    2: I think HON is going to be the new dota; it will be with better graphics, more possible heroes, and more possible game effects. HON is going to be amazing, the reviews I read shows it has great promise. And people always look for something new, something more challenging, and I think this game is going to provide this.


  21. 1: Well I remember playing Dota with a few members with my guild and it was a fun time. So now I just found out about this from my guild and they're planning on playing this too so remembering the past I'd like to join aswell.

    2: The UI, game effects, also its something a bit new. Dota is based on Wc3 and this is its own title so it should be a little more genuine.


  22. 1. I am a long time dota player who still enjoys the game. I have seen screenshots of HoN and I am very intrigued by similarities and dota. I would like to experience the game and see how it compares to dota. Plus, there aren't many games like dota so this would be a rare opportunity for me to play another game in this genre.

    2. I have always wondered what dota would be like outside of the wc3. I think HoN may be it without any boundaries. Since it is its own game it has the potential to be incredibly popular and attract more gamers than dota.


  23. 1. My friends and I have always played DotA at least three times a day and it's shame that we can't test HoN out together because I couldn't imagine playing it alone. That's why I need another key for my friend to play with me, I've played this already and I know that he would love it, too!

    2. With DotA outside of WC3, so many more mechanics can be added. New orbs, abilities (Dark Lady anybody?), and new items. Also new game systems can be added like I heard somebody talking about a tug-of-war type of gameplay where you move a relic back and forth depending on if you're pushing or not.


  24. 1. I´ve started playing DOTA this year and since then i´ve pratically abandoned other online games! Dota filled everything that i´ve been searching in online games and now im looking forward to test this new game with new graphics and new system!

    2. I believe that the new graphics will atract even more people ! Also the fact that the game is hosted on a server instead of someones machine is even better because it will stop hackers and will improve lag and delay system! Also it´s amazing that if you have a problem with your net and manage to get back in 5 min you will find the game that you left in the exactly same stage that you left! It has definitily a lot of features to revolutionize!


  25. 1. Having several years of DotA behind me, I want to try something alike but still new.

    2. Hopefully having a team to develop something and not just single man will help to innovate faster and more. And not being bound by world editor is cool too. I just hope this will drive more people out of MMORPGs.

    udzinari at gmail dot com

  26. 1. I want to win a beta key because I think that Heroes of Newerth will be a great new take on Dota-based games. I also think that it would be awesome if I was able to help test the game and help the developers become aware of any bugs that could be straightened out. I love playing Dota too, so that helps. :)

    2. I think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DBG genre because it's Dota in a new generation of gaming. As you can see simply from the videos and screenshots, HoN is a very pretty game, down to the very detailed heroes and environments to the great spell animations. But another important idea is to have the gameplay match the evolution in graphics. Heroes of Nerwerth shoots for just that as it introduces some new takes on Dota basics. Such as being able to see which items to buy to complete a recipe, and the character selection screen.

    Email: spike1001(at)gmail.com

  27. 1. The real reason i want the beta key is to play the game,just like everyone else. It look like a extremely good update on dota,witch ive been playing for 2 years.

    2.I saw some gameplay vids and i have to see the gameplay look amazing. The graphic and menu update are very welcome since warcraft 3 is more than 7 years old. It also keep the fast-paced dota action,that maked the game so much popular


  28. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    I've played DotA for 6-7 years now. I still love the game; the constant updates make it enjoyable throughout. I just had a look at the game play trailer when I was looking around today. I just witnessed this game today and I already want to be a part of it. The graphics and game play looks amazing. I would love to participate in this game if possible.

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?

    Completely by graphics and gameplay; as I said before it looks very much advanced and has more detail than DotA. As much as I love DotA and won't stop playing unless I start this game :P, DotA's graphics is what holds it back. That is why HoN could be very successful. With a little push from the DotA community you could have yourself a lot of people playing :).


  29. 1. The reason I want a beta key is simple, I want to play the game. I want to also help balance the game so its not ridiculously imbalanced and unplayable when it comes out

    2. First off, built in Voice over IP. This feature is crucial in this type of game and built in in VOIP makes it really easy to communicate. Second and most important, connection to good old DotA. HON will connect to DotA, using many of the hero and items that are currently in use and hopeful any future add on Icefrog has in store. More maps also sounds great


  30. 1.The first time I saw the screenshots of HoN, I quickly fell in love.The next thing I did was search for a video of HoN on youtube, and I fell much deeper in love with its gorgeous graphics and awesome sound effects.This is what I've been searching for, as both League of Legends and Demigod had disappoint me.I want to be a part of the development of this game, as I have faith in it.The fact that I'm a veteran DoTA gamer, getting in the beta of HoN is a must.

    2.How will HoN revolutionize DBG genre? By eliminating the most annoying part of playing DoTA, the leavers and the game spoilers, and to excel where League of Legends and Demigod failed.Maybe the game itself can have a built-in system that permits no leavers in the option, or a voting system to kick newbies that run to towers just to destroy the fun.And as a suggestion also, the game could implement a Clan system, of which you can fight between clans without a hassle, and a ladder system that lets people know how experienced a player is.A community is a must.And to keep things fresh, a contest of a new hero should be make once every 4 months or so.That would be so great.


  31. 1. Why would I like A Beta key?
    I have been playing dota for about 5 years now and well lets face it games are my life. I have great knowledge of the game and I would be of great help to finding issues that would need to be found. Im the kind of person that likes to think outside the box. I have seen some videos of the gameplay and it looks like a sound basis for a Dota game.

    2.How do i think HoN will revolutionize the DBG genre?
    By the fact that it seems you guys are taking all of it to another level, lets face WC3 cant provide us what you guys can, the things we need. Like adding a filter to weed out the lowbees from the good/pros running around, Making so leavers are not allowed by having a profile database. And lets not forget the people that just run out and purposely die in less then a min, ruining the game. Of course i think it would be hard to implement a database for that. But thats just me thinking and Lets also not forget about a clan vs. clan list. I mean im not one for clans, but alot of people would like to randomly fight another clan. Adding a clan points contribution for each person would also be cool. But of course its me thinking again.

    Anyway i would like to join the beta group and provide what i can to improving the game. Thank You


  32. 1.Why Would I like a Beta key?
    I've been a DotA player for about 3 years now. Games and beta testing have been my passion. I took DotA competitvely for cevo/cal, and soon to be Eco. I am mainly interested in how this game is and how well it will clash with other DotA mirrors such as Demigod/League of Legends.

    2.How do I think Heroes of Newerth will rev. DBG Genres
    To be honest it will be hard for HoN to compete with DotA, DotA has been around for a while, with a huge community of die hard fans. Updating the graphics and character models is a major plus, we now get to see our favorite heroes in a different view. What they should look like not due WC3 standard models. From the vidoes I've seen it is pretty much DotA with a major update, a very good update. If this game looks like it has a lot of potential to be a DotA killer, and end up being in leagues instead of DotA. This game can be an all time seller. Who knows but me personally from what I've seen it looks like a great game that people should try and hopefully it will run as smooth as I hope for it to run being an experienced beta tester.

    To sum it up I would love to join and see what this game has while finding bugs and seeing if I can help improve the game. You can reach me at ryan.cuellar@hotmail.com

  33. 1. ive been following the DotA games for a few years now. Gameplay wise, the game is superb but graphically, the game lacks a lot of it. to finally get a DBG with superb graphics is a thrill to fans. thats why i would like to immediately get in to this game and try it out for myself.

    2. DotA has been going on for a few years now, and seeing an old game in a new engine is very exciting. having HoN would definitely push the future DBG games to up their ante and provide superb gameplay with superb graphics.

    brw my email is p_o_t_p_o_t at yahoodotcom

  34. 1. I have been an addicted DotA player for over 3 years. Im very curious about this new game that is inspired in DotA, most of my friends got the keys and started to play HoN, we are like a Team, so I would like to join them

    2. From vids that I saw HoN is the future of this genre of games. DotA is already in the active for some years, and many people are getting tired of it from what I see. I think HoN will give them fresh air to breath

    My email is pedro_df@sapo.pt

  35. 1. i have been playing dota for an incredibly long time. Like ever since the RoC days when it wasn't even made by icefrog. This new game really interested me because new games based upon DotA aren't really about upgrading visuals and stuff like that but innovation to gameplay and cooler stuff. So I'm really interested in how this game would improve upon the genre itself.

    2.Really like the above comment, I have high hopes that this game will completely revolutionize the genre and add some completely new and innovative gameplay elements to the DBG scene.

    Email iboughturmom[at]hotmail.com

  36. 1. I would like a beta key because HoN seems like a really fun game that parallels closely to Dota, A game I already play immensely with my friends. My other friends already have Beta keys and I would like to join them as well. On top of the fun factor of the game I have great attention to detail and experience play-testing games in the beta phase and could provide some nice insight.

    2. HoN will be revolutionary because there will be less limitations on it along with the potential to grow since it is a stand alone game. The game itself have great potential to be one of the top games on the shelves.

    Email dcfm717[at]gmail.com

  37. 1)At the moment there seems to be a war going on between HoN and LoL. Both will be great games made by great developpers. The 1 million dollar question is which one will be the one to prevail.

    I'd like to have a HoN beta key to watch both games from a close distance and seeing which action each developper will take to take their game just a bit more appealing.

    2)It's not just about HoN. It's about all the DBG games that are gonna come out. DoTA made the foundation and it's up to the new games to start building on top of that.

    You can compare DoTA to GTA. GTA revolutionized open-world games and now more and more companies are delivering these really fun games because of GTA. This is the same we are seeing now.

    I'm just glad to see this new genre coming alive. I'm sure that in the next couple of years we'll get blown away by the huge ammount of interest this genre will take upon itself. It will put a smile on my face whenever someone will say "remember the old good dota-days?", and thats why i want to be a part of this genre from the very beginning.

    My emailadress: an_freezin(at)hotmail.com

  38. 1) I played DotA for a bit before, and it was a lot of fun, and very addicting. Eventually I stopped because of school-work, and to be honest the public game community was a pain in the ass to deal with. I'd like a beta key because it's summer now, so I have some free time to use.

    2) Unlike Demigod and the other DBGs, I've heard that DotA is staying as close as possible to the original map, even using the same base map, items, etc. This means HoN will probably not revolutionize the core gameplay, but will vastly improve on it. Moving beyond the Warcraft III engine will allow the developers to greatly polish the flaws of the original map, and hopefully add the small touches that can make HoN great. One thing I hope will be improved upon in HoN is the learning curve of the game, which in DotA was notoriously large. This, combined with the attitude of much of the community towards newer and less skilled players made it extremely difficult for them to get into the game. If HoN is able to fix this, it will be able to push the DBG further into the mainstream and possibly be a major success in itself.

    My email adress: tler967(at)yahoo.com

  39. Greetings!
    1.) Most of my playtime goes on DotA (GuildWars and Team Fortress 2 aswell). So, besides liking DotA alot, I can test your HoN Linux client and provide feedback (being part-time Linux developer myself).

    2.) I dont really know the answer. But if its as good as DotA (gameplay-wise), I wish you all the best.


  40. 1)Why do you want to win a HoN Beta Key?

    A new game genre has found it's way into the heads of a couple developers as they suddenly realised this is a genre that may hold a lot of $_$.

    As this war reveals itself, i want to take a look at it from a close distance. So i can see which move each company makes to make their game just that tiny bit more appealing.

    2)How do you think HoN will revolutionize the DBG genre?

    GTA has set a landmark for the open-world single player games. WoW has set a landmark for the MMORPG's. Starcraft has set a landmark for the RTS games.

    HoN is gonna try to be that next landmark, just like other moba games that will be released around the same time.

    I hope for HoN and those other games that the genre becomes an enormous succes, so that in 15 years i'll be able to say: "Hey, do you remember the good old DoTA days?". ;)


  41. 1) I've been playing for almost 4 years now and i was always fascinated by how it revolutionized online gaming by (to an extent) forming its own genre. When I saw some of the screenshots of HoN it felt reminiscent of dota and I really want to see what makes it stand out from other DBGs.

    2)By removing the restrictions that made DotA rather "limited" ,and by having a brand new graphics engine ,it would definitely be ahead of the pack. Who knows, it might actually surpass DotA in population.


  42. 1> I want to win a key because I'm excited that there is going to be a MOBA (DBG) with gameplay and graphics that can take advantage of all new computers have to offer. Getting tired of playing on a very outdated engine.

    2> Similarly, the graphics and a new matchmaking system could revolutionize MOBA games. The capacity for random leagues, team leagues, 3v3 ladders, etc. will bring so much more to a high level of competitive gameplay. The formula works. If all S2 did was slap on a new coat of paint and optimize a bit HoN would be a great game. I'm willing to bet they'll go the extra step to make it an amazing game.

    iygomos {at} hotmail.com

  43. 1. I really want to win a beta key to overview a such game with a great gameplay like DotA has, knowing it perfectly before play it a lot. DotA is getting old and I'd like to see what S2 games created to replace it.

    2. I don't think HoN will revolutionize the DBG but it is surely the future of DotA (Icefrog says DotA will certainly die in a couple of years) and I'd like to move to this new game to improve myself in.

    email : pyrrhanha(at)hotmail(dot)com

  44. 1. I've been playing Dota for about 4 years now and still enjoy it. Although there are some areas that need improvement (as a software engineer i have a tendency to critique games :P), these i hope will be resolved with HoN.

    2. Dota style games are gaining momentum and there are many games coming out that use similar dota principles. I believe the game which keeps the basic Dota gameplay but adds content to it will be the most well received from the fans (myself included) and live a long a prosperous life :).

  45. Sorry for the double post forgot to include my email address.

    1. I've been playing Dota for about 4 years now and still enjoy it. Although there are some areas that need improvement (as a software engineer i have a tendency to critique games :P), these i hope will be resolved with HoN.

    2. Dota style games are gaining momentum and there are many games coming out that use similar dota principles. I believe the game which keeps the basic Dota gameplay but adds content to it will be the most well received from the fans (myself included) and live a long a prosperous life :).


  46. 1. I would greatly appreciate being in the HON beta as I have been obsessed with dota for the past 2 years. I would be glad to help with the growing beta in ensuring a balanced and fair game, as the more blanaced a game like dota is the funner it will become.

    2. I think HON will revolutionize the Dota based games by being the one that is closest to dota. Dota has prooven to be by far one of the funnest strategy based games but is limited to the wc3 engine. This new HON will blow the other competition away by being the closest to dota, while having superior graphics and gameplay.


  47. 1. I'd LOVE a HoN beta key because I enjoy DotA insanely. I started playing DotA not long after Icefrog took over. It was a game that brought together heaps of people at my school. It's just such a fun concept of game. I've quit DotA for a while now but recently found out about HoN. By the looks of it, this game will definitely replenish my love for this type of game.

    2. I think that HoN will revolutionize the DBG by sticking to it's roots. From what I've seen, the game looks almost identical to DotA, only with improvements, both graphical and gameplay elements. This game is going to rock the worlds of DotA players EVERYWHERE.


  48. 1. I'd love a HoN Beta key because i think it really looks fun to play, one of those games that you can play for hours and not get tired of.. like DotA. I've been palying these types of games for years.. 3C.. then DotA and still playing DotA. This looks more fun, the graphics is better, everything aobut it looks better.. thats why i would realy like to play it to become a beta tester.

    2. I think that HoN will revolutionize DBG by taking in everyones opinons. It's great that HoN is a new gen of DotA, i love it, the new graphics, and heroes that Warcraft III is limited to, is good. DotA won't be long for much longer, and HoN will be the next thing that everyone will be playing at LAN parties/tournaments in computer places. It's going to hit, as you can see so many poeple would like to be BETA testers like myself.

    Hope i can get this, thank you.


  49. 1. Why do you want to win a Heros of Newerth beta key?
    Because like anyone else that would want to win a beta key I like dota >_>. However this seems like a smarter idea then what Demi-god and even LoL are doing to dota, more players would feel safer to come out from playing dota into this since by the looks of screen shots and gameplay videos it seems very VERY similar. I myself would play this over dota if it exactly the same.

    2. How do you think Heros of Newerth revolutionize the Dota based games (DBG) genre?
    By sticking to the original roots of Dota will allow improvements in graphical and gameplay design which was unvaliable to dota due to it's restrictions in the Warcraft III engine. This being released as a stand alone game to the public may also allow it to become more well known, my friends from china had no idea of what Dota was even though they had played Warcraft III before so seperate add campains on HoN would bring in a bigger public.


  50. 1.i pro in dota and i like dota so much every day i play dota and i see the videos of HoN .and i think the game is very cool

    2.I do not think that hon Iholl revolution, but now a few years from people Imas Dota some will want something a little more different and it could be the solution Ssnitm items and teaser heros seem to know what changed them.

    pls sand me beta key Beg to pls!

    email : yativg@gmail.com

  51. 1-I play dota too much with my buddies and love playing it.

    2-I hope so because a lot of the other clones like Demigod were very underwhelming.

  52. 1. I'd love a HoN Beta key because i think it really looks fun to play, one of those games that you can play for hours and not get tired of.. like DotA. I've been palying these types of games for years.. 3C.. then DotA and still playing DotA. This looks more fun, the graphics is better, everything aobut it looks better.. thats why i would realy like to play it to become a beta tester.

    2. I think that HoN will revolutionize DBG by taking in everyones opinons. It's great that HoN is a new gen of DotA, i love it, the new graphics, and heroes that Warcraft III is limited to, is good. DotA won't be long for much longer, and HoN will be the next thing that everyone will be playing at LAN parties/tournaments in computer places. It's going to hit, as you can see so many poeple would like to be BETA testers like myself.

    Hope i can get this, thank you.

    Email: ramonllemos@hotmail.com

    email: ramonllemos@hotmail.com

  53. 1) I think that HoN will be the next eSport spalsh and for me to test that it would be a honor. Dota is kinda about to die due to the battle net being as it is now. If HoN can bring a whole new aspect of online play with lets say, ranked macthes then Dota will not stand a chance.

    2)It will becus it has something that Dota never had or will, a better client for online play. I speak for many people out there when i say that lagg on battle net is very bad and annyoing. And from what i've seen so far in screenshots and gameplay trailers i think that my statements are correct.

  54. Forgot Email: iq-badboll@hotmail.com

  55. 1. the similarity of the best strategy game nowadays w/ better graphic and new gameplay. who wouldnt want it? juz like starcraft, we are fan of dota. And the competition would be more fun :D

    2. hm...i am not really sure. The beta time will give the right answer to it. But by lookin at the vid, it is the revolutionary of dota. im speakin of one united client for the game unlike wc3+ggc+bnet and innovation wins the past yay.

    email: random682(at)yahoo.com

  56. 1- I play DotA for a long time when the version 5.84 just came out, when the map literally took 20-30 min to load !!! then the 5.84c was the same map but with the loading time optimized. Im a Rlly veteran of this Game, I love it. I also played a lot of international competitions.

    2- A lot of ppl that I know likes the idea behind DotA, but they dont like the engine of W3, they think that is too old, so a DotA with new engine and graphics will be awesome !!! I played Demigod but I dont like it, the maps seems like mazes not battlefield, the map layout of DotA wich I see remains in HoN is the best, a real battlefield.

    Email: ramgv(at)yahoo.com

  57. 1)I´ve been playing dota for many years,and i think the way it evolves, the way it is updated, makes it the most perfect arena game ever made. If HoN is a part of this process, DO THE EVOLUTION!!!!
    2)I could say that HoN is giving to a great idea, the chance to walk on its own legs, and show off all of its mighty powers. So why not to give us the chance to play a game that broke all the chains and claims for FREEDOM!!!!
    ps. I love this game....
    Mario S/A mario_s_a@yahoo.com.br

  58. 1 - I learned about DotA 3 years ago, and since then it became my favorite online game. Now I'm curious to see what DotA could be if it have native community support inside the game, without having to resort to third-party tools to do some pretty basic stuff, like ranking and matchmaking, which always were missing from DotA.

    2 - As I stated on answer 1, I hope that HoN being a full-fledged game based on DotA, it will have fully integrated community support, and tools that make learning and progressing in the game much more convenient. If HoN was only dota + banlist + ranking + matchmaking fully integrated, this fact alone would make HoN a revolution.

    Email: xulambs123(at)yahoo(dot)com

  59. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key? I have been playing dota for a few years with my friends every night for about 3 hours. They all have HoN beta keys and I would like to play with them. Having a team and people to coordinate things with on vent will make it easier to evaluate the balance of the heros and find out if anything is rigged. It seems that this game is a replacement for dota and I would like to play it and see what it has to offer over dota first hand rather then hearing about it on vent.

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre? Dota is missing alot of things that even the addons and apps like list checker and delay reducer or cool host bots cant provide. It seems from what I hear that it has alot of better features that icefrog cant put in because wc3 doesnt provide the tools to and probly never will. I believe if this game is handeled well then it could easily replace dota.


  60. 1. Been playing DoTA for a long time, a lot of the other DBG coming out just seem to miss the point, not much has to be changed, just expanded to get out of the confines of Warcraft 3

    2. Because of the fact that with a new game you can expand on all the great features of DoTA but you do not have to make any major changes. This will add so much more replayability to an already addicting game. As well as services like matchmaking and social features.

    Email: kuroikaeru(at)gmail

  61. 1. Does it need an answer? It's obvious coz i want to play and to try this new "DOTA".

    2. Well, hopefully HON could achieve what DOTA has achieved even better, since with the new engines it will allow developer to add something new that is not available because the limitation from WC3.

    email: cacangcacang[at]yahoo[dot]com

  62. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    I want to see what the fuss is about the game looks really amazing

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?

    If HON gets the word across it can do big things for the gener like I said in my first answer the games looks amazing

  63. 1. I want to be able to test this game because DotA, witch this game should be familiar with, is realy getting old. The graphics make me sick and the game engine also since i've been playing Warcraft III since 2002. I want a new game like DotA witch is a stand-alone, just as this game is. It shouldn't depend so much on the original Warcraft III game, so that it can be updated and patched more often. So i want a key to test this game, abuse some bugs, and have fun with mature players, with DotA is in lack of.

    2. With the new game engine and graphics engines of course. This game seems to have the best sound and graphics of all the new DBG games that are on their way and i hope it would be almost no bugs at all in it. I'm also hoping that there will be some more healing talented heroes in this game since there are to few in DOtA, and there would also be nice to see tanking items especially made for agility heroes (if there will be such orientations).

    Wish you all luck with the beta!

    Email: mike20-1993[at]hotmail[dot]com

  64. 1. I began playing DotA over a year ago. I instantly became a fan of the game, and have enjoyed playing it since. However i've always wanted to see what DotA might look like had it been created as a seperate game with it's own engine. The Warcraft III engine hampers the game and frequently creates bugs as the game (Warcraft III) is updated. I'd very much like to see how HoN improves on this front.

    2. I've been less than impressed with the other DBG that have been released. Demigod for example had too few heroes, the items were a tad lame and all in all it failed and what it attempted to do. The game came across as "Everything you hate about DotA and more!". From what i've heard/seen about HoN it takes everything about DotA and simply adds updated viable graphics, and an exclusive engine. HoN comes across as "Everything you love about DotA, improved!".

    Email: vachon.nicholas92@gmail.com

  65. I want a heroes of newerth beta key because really love that type of game. A hero arena where you face of oponents in a fast paced manner and, unlike MMORPGS, it actually requires some skill. It is just REALLY fun and Heroes of Newerth is just what I was looking for.

    Honestly, I don't think HoN will revolucionize the DBG. I've seen videos of it and it couldn't be more than a straightforward copy. The devourer(looks like pudge and has pudge's skills) the map, the dead trees in the scourge's side, the creep camps location are the same and the Sentinel and Scourge's colors are the same just switched. Leaving that aside, I would actually like to test first-hand what they actually did to the gameplay. So if you want to prove me wrong just send me the key and let me see for myself!


  66. 1. Never liked dota so much cause of some flauds in the WarCraft3 game. But this seems so much better, the graphics, the gameplay cant have the same flauds. So i want to make a small rewiew to a coupple of my friends and "forumfriends", and hopefully it will be better than Wc3 dota. The dota-game itself seems so much fun, but as i told earlyer that the Wc3 flauds makes it so random now and then.

    2. New engine, new style. This will attract more gamers. Both new and old "dota-gamers"

  67. prolly the best to leave my email aswell :P

  68. 1. Because its like having a new fun DotA to play. =D

    2. Well, from the look of it its looking a lot like D3 and SC2 which is a big plus because I like pretty much all the blizz games. =]


  69. 1. For a long time ive been obsessed with the merging of rts and rpg games. A while ago i wanted to be the first person to make a game like that, then i came across DotA and then savage2. Both games instantly fasinated me and ive been avidly playing dota since RoC. I would love a beta key to see what the next step into the world of games like this will be and maybe get some ideas for myself since its still a dream to create the best game of this genre =]

    2. The graphics engine will definatly be alot more appealing then the out dated wc3 engine. Making it a stand alone game will definatly revolutionize this genre of gaming because people will actually be able to see it when they walk threw best-buy, or read about it when they look up new releases. I would really like to see first hand how this game will or will not revolutionize the dbg genre. So please send me a key and let me find out =]


  70. 1. My friends have already gotten invites to this great game. I get to hear about how balanced and fun this game is nightly. I would love a Beta Key so I could play with them and confirm their claims.

    2. The graphics engine will be a real treat after the years of the wc3 engine. Dota players are looking for a change of pace to the dated wc3 game. Once HoN goes live it will already have a huge community. I would like to get a head start on the chaos that will come from that.


  71. 1) Im a dota player.

    2) All my friends are playing.


  72. 1. Ive been a dedicated DoTA player for about 4 - 5 years now and I always wondered man is there ever gonna be a different version based on it? After playing HoN on my friends Beta account i was completely amazed at how great this game is! I mean its only beta right now, but it has GREAT POTENTIAL! If you would please hook me up with a beta key I shall put it to good use =)

    2. I think HoN will have a great impact on the DoTA community, not just DoTA players but to all the gamers out there! Pretty much it speaks for itself, SICK GRAPHICS, NEW INTERFACE, DOTA?! I think its time for a change in the DoTA community and HoN is definatley the answer!


  73. 1. Because I never win anything in my life. This is one of the only things I really want to win.

    2.It's a not really a big change from DotA but the graphics. Gameplay and strategies will probably remain the same. I just want to try this new change from DotA after 5 years. I think many DotA players will migrate to this for a new feel.

  74. 1.) Because i am an experienced DotA player.And i want to try something new and exciting.And i saw screenshots and videos.. made me crazy!

    2.) I think best part of HoN is graphics.And also HoN will be optimized for DotA so there could me more freedom!


  75. Mads bent AndreassenJuly 15, 2009 at 1:53 AM

    1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    i've been playing dota for many years, and even been a dota beta tester aswell. im quite good at dota, and always look forward to new challenges, especially dota related games. i've watched severals pro movies so i can improve my playstyle, and trying a new game related to dota would just be awesome. i've seen some of the previews and it looks totally awesome. i would really be grateful if u would send me a key, cause this game is da ****...

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?

    well, i think HON is the top of the ice berg if u look at the other related wannabes.HOn is runnin on their own engine, so this makes them make a total new standard for dota. many dota players will quit the original dota, so they can play HON.

  76. Mads bent Andreassen said...
    1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    i've been playing dota for many years, and even been a dota beta tester aswell. im quite good at dota, and always look forward to new challenges, especially dota related games. i've watched severals pro movies so i can improve my playstyle, and trying a new game related to dota would just be awesome. i've seen some of the previews and it looks totally awesome. i would really be grateful if u would send me a key, cause this game is da ****...

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?

    well, i think HON is the top of the ice berg if u look at the other related wannabes.HOn is runnin on their own engine, so this makes them make a total new standard for dota. many dota players will quit the original dota, so they can play HON.

    forgot to put my email addressin it: Madsbent@yahoo.dk

  77. I want to win a beta key because I love dota with a passion and have been playing it for quite awhile. I like these strategic games where you can have different builds and win with team work.

    I think that this game will take most, if not all of the dota fans due to its graphics and game play. This is a enhanced version of dota and all of the new heros will be very exciting to the whole community. I am sure that most people will want to at least try it because of the new skills availabe. Different play styles will be developed through this new game.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. I'd love to take beta-key, because i love DotA and i want to discover new game based on it ;]
    I think HoN will be revolution, because it has better graphics and new conceptions.
    e-mail: pawe.stan@gmail.com

  81. 1)I have a dream. I have a dream that some day I will be able to own in HON! So the sooner I start playing the sooner that will happen. I need that BETA key!

    2)This is the game that will bring people to Dota and Dota to the people.

  82. 1. I was playing dota for a long time... and now when i saw this i was amazed cause it's great to see new things ))) better things ) so i would be very happy to join HoN and play it!
    2. Well, i think it will be interesting to play in a "new" DotA... many of people are bored playing with the same graphics. HoN will bring, in my opinion, many new players.

    I'd be very grateful if i'll get a beta key! Thanks!

  83. I never got a chance to play Dota. I do play Demigod though and love it. I played the Savage games but didn't get to into them. Heroes of Newerth looks great though. I'd really love a chance to try it out. (= HoN may revelutionize the genre by implementing great graphics with core gameplay coupled with the Newerth Lore to make a great game. Hopefully it has a bunch of Heroes to choose from. Something I don't care about Demigod is its lack of choice.

    Thanks for considering me as a potential tester. (=

  84. Dota was a very fun game, to see a more polished version that is stand alone from warcraft 3 was something a lot of people wanted to see and here it is now.

    Hopefully this game can enter league play and replace dota in the latest gaming competitions.


  85. I want to play HON because, I have been an avid WoW player for years and enjoy playing dota in my offtime, but Wow has gotten boring to me and im trying to get big into DOTA however seeing as how it is apparently dying out due to HON's release I would like to be on an even playing ground with the rest of the community.

    I think that HON will be great for the DOTA type games, it is bringing every aspect but multiplying its enjoyability. Being one of the first companies to market such a game was a great idea and will bring in a large population, so I think it's great.


  86. I've played DotA on and off for as long as I can remember it existing but these days I play it exclusively because really, it is an awesome concept, simple yet competitive and not overly time consuming - just what I need!

    HoN will really revolutionize the concept because it has taken it from the capable hands of IceFrog and his predecessors, removed the necessity of WC3 and made it truly its own game.

    This should have been done so long ago and although there other emerging clones - none have the vision nor the desire to really make DotA 2.0 but rather diverge and make a DotA-esque game which frankly isn't what we as a community want.

    This niche has existed for so long and has a major, world wide, competitive following, HoN will give birth to it as its own lifeform rather than a map made by a guy for a game that people only remember.

  87. 1. Why do I want to win a key? Well lets be honest, its the same reason as everyone else. People may claim to want to help S2, but let's face it, we just want to play! I myself am a HUGE DotA fan, I've played it for over two years. I'm totally addicted to computer games, RPGS, RTS, FPS, MMO, you name it, i've played it, and chances are I've beta tested it. I don't have any great special qualifications over anyone else save some experience in betas, but we all deserve an equal shot at a great game and I hope I get lucky.

    2. HoN will revolutionize DotA-based games with one huge factor: Industrialization. DotA is a mod for an old game, but HoN will put a very popular game into the open market. With a huge fan-base of DotA players already, many new gamers not exposed to DBGs will see this new game not usually broadcasted and advertised, and backed up by support of the many players, the fanbase will expand greatly, therefore creating a whole new genre of games.


  88. 1) I want a key to join my friends online
    2) this will revolutonize dota because dota was missing a lot of key elements in the game that made it from being fun for pubs.


  89. 1) I would like to get a chance to see what all the hype is about as i know many fellow dota players who have played and said its great.

    2) I think allot of dota players will go over to play it. Bringing VOIP to the game will make a massive difference on the gameplay and teamwork!

    bevo.89 (a/t) gmail.com

  90. 1) I have been playing dota for a long time now and it needs alot of game improvements from the outside eye mostly balances upon heroes.

    2) I think having this as its own game will revolutionize it because battle.net is not supported by paying subsribers making it less of a priority by blizzard, thus causing more issues with gameplay. Where as if it was maintained by its own producers and not an individualy created MOD (a very good MOD tho) it would hits stores running.


  91. 1. I would like a beta key because I've been playing dota for 4-5 years now and i've heard only good things from this game and i would like to see what the hype is about, i've beta tested many games prior to this.

    2. HON will revolutionize the DBG genre because of the new cutting edge adjustments that have been made to this game in comparison to Dota. not only that, but HON having it's own engine enables s2 games to take this game anywhere they want it without any restrictions. The most important thing that HON brings to the DBG genre is the self supporting ranking system, which is what dota has been lacking ever since it became popular, it's what the players want and s2 is bringing it to us.


  92. 1) Im playing dota for i think 3 years now and i just cant stop myself from watching all the HoN videos in Youtube. On the one hand its cool to see how nice the game is but on the other you cant watch how people are playing it and you still cant try it =D so i hope this can be my chance to finally get into HoN =D

    2) You cant say now,you can just hope that it will get that popular as original dota. But i see so many positive comments about this game on the net,that it really makes me think that HoN can easily be the futer of DBG genre


  93. 1)I'm something like ,,DotA Addict'', I am in in DotA beta testing of new maps. I'm not playing any other games. Why? Because DotA is the best. And now there's a game which is nearly identical, but with better graphic etc. I just have to try it.

    2) Well, that's hard to say, because I wasn't able to try It. The questions is: will dota players move to HoN or stay with DotA? HoN will have to be very good game If it want to be better. Let me try it and I will tell you. >:-)


  94. 1. So sick of Dota that i wana kill someone in RL. I really need something new. Preferably something similar to the dota gameplay style with waaaaay better graphics. Warcraft 3 is old and stale. I really wana play this new BETTER game.

    2. HoN will dominate Dota 6-love! Ive seen some gameplay previews and the graphics look awesome!!! It will definetly be tops in my book!

    cavan480(a)gmail.com - Thanks!! :D

  95. 1)I want to win the beta key to have some fun and to see first hand is this game any good.I also want to help pointing out some bugs or imbalance in the game.

    2)I think it will revolutionize as much as this game proves itself worthy.Only a good game with a good gameplay can do something big.I trully hope that is the case with HoN.


  96. 1. I've been playing DoTa for a long time, I've been part of people on various forums who have discussed balance, etc. and ended up sending many emails to icefrog to discuss this balance. Many of the things I have suggested have ended up being pretty good ideas and making it into the game. I want to be able to make a contribution to HoN just as I made one to DoTa. I think it's a fantastic idea to bring DoTa into a better system away from WC3 and I think this game can be truly huge. I just want to be a part of the greatness.

    2. Heroes of Newerth WILL fully revolutionize Dota based games. There have been many gaems made similar to DoTa and many games with similar systems, but never has there been a game that is so very close to DoTa. DoTa is already hugely popular and I think this game can replace that popularity quickly. DoTa is already extremely popular as I stated and a game that is the same, but improved upon in every way will be even more insanely popular. This will be the new DoTa.


  97. 1. I am curious to see how this game compares with the vanilla version of dota in WC3. I have been a dota player since 2005 and have seen the many versions, changes and balances that have come to pass over the years. I am willing to play HoN with a critical eye to see how it matches up and offer feedback if that is requested.

    2. From what little I have seen of it HoN offers the potential to bring DBGs to a new and advanced engine. I am holding off and making any substantial opinions about it until I have actually had a chance to see more of the content that it offers.

    All the best.

  98. 1) I've been playing DotA for going on 4 years now, and was extremely excited when I saw that league of legends was coming out. Then I heard about Heroes of Newerth and I wanted to give it a shot. After watching the gameplay videos that have been released, I'm extremely excited about playing this game, as the graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay looks like its about as close to dota as its going to get.

    2) This is going to change not only the way dota looks and feels, but how its played. The fact that the staff at s2 is adding additional maps to play on is absolutely incredible, while still giving the hardcore DotA lifers what they're used to playing on. The game will most likely be updated more frequently, and have better support than dota on the whole.

    I'd also like to comment that the community on HoN will most likely be significantly better, due mainly to the fact that there are repercussions for leaving. Additionally, the stat tracking, and neat little innovations in the game (such as being able to have your hero and a unit not controlled by you and still viewing full stats at the same time) will become assets to gameplay.

    Unfortunately, something that will hold the game back is the need that DotA players have to play DotA. The game will be constantly compared to DotA (this is just my guess), and people are going to judge it based on how like DotA it is. My hope is that people will take the time to realize that this is its own game, and will most likely be a significant improvement over DotA.

  99. 1.After playing Defense of the ancients for the past 5 years, the game is still amazing and offers great entertainment. However that being said, the lack of a new engine has continued to hold it back. The new game engine for Heroes of Newerth looks absolutely brilliant, and I would love the opportunity to test out the gameplay and provide feedback so that I could help improve the game, making the final product even better.

    2. Heroes of Newerth could easily be a launching point for this genre of gaming. With the introduction of a standalone product with a more advance game engine, it is likely that HoN will be highly successful and lead to a much greater interest in this genre. While I have only seen videos of the game, from what I have seen, I am convinced that it will be revolutionary.


  100. jonas_pettersson_@hotmail.comJuly 16, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    1) Cause my friends have keys and i dont, and i want to play with them! =)

    2) I have no idea if it will actually, but nicer graphics would win over the dota people, and if it is a nice 3d engine it would be great too!


  101. 1) Because i am playing DotA few years and i really like this game and it is good idea to make better dota with better graphics, reconnect and another stuff.

    2) I think that better graphics, more support or new trademark can make dota based games popular and HoN primarily and it can be mass like WoW or Lineage...

  102. Oh i forgot my e-mail xD


  103. 1) I have tryed other DBGs and might as well try this one out too :)

    2)Judging from the screenies it will in every way, that is if the unit response is good enough.


  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. 1. I would like to win a HoN beta key because I am very interested in the game, and have a group of friends who are already playing it. I have been playing Dota for about a year, and I would definitely have some good opinions to help balance the game. Also, I will definitely buy the game if its good.

    2. This game should revolutionize the genre because it will be much more user friendly; less disconnected games, and less leavers because of the win/loss system. Also, the graphics look amazing, and new ideas for heros are definitely promising.

    my email is stevexii(at)gmail.com

  106. 1. i would like to win a HoN key because it looks like a pretty good game to get into. just watching a few clips on youtube has made me want to try it out and see how it compares to dota.

    2. i wouldn't say that it could revolutionize the DBG based games like DotA because of the reputation DotA already has. DotA is already a legendary game by far. Its been around for ages and millions of people world wide play DotA. What i do think HoN will do is change the views and perspectives on how people look at DBG based games and how they play DotA more. HoN will also gain a lot of publicity and might one day become the new DotA. But what it is right now is just a BetA game and what it can do is give players world wide a different feeling towards games based around DotA strategy.

  107. email Niutamatuhipa@gmail.com

  108. 1. I want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key because I am a huge fan of DotA but I have not played any other DotA based games yet. HoN appeals to me more than the other DBG's because it seems to be the most similar to my beloved DotA. I also have a few friends with beta keys, and I would love to be able to play with them.

    2. Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DBG genre by pulling in most of the DotA fanbase; the awesome visuals and similarity to DotA will entice DotA players to try it out, and the lag-free games and better features will make them stay. With a huge playerbase and a team of developers, there's no telling how far Heroes of Newerth can go.

    E-mail: xxdiablo_1xx(at)hotmail.com

  109. 1. I have been playing dota for over 4 years, I am really interested from a player point to test this game out. I have several friends who are also in the beta, and i would appreciate the ability to test the game with them.

    2. Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DBG genre through its new engine and team of dedicated developers. The engine will improve the competitive nature of this style of game, include stats and much better servers for less lag. The developers should also be able to churn patches out at a much quicker rate!

    Email: wizz.fizz10@gmail.com

  110. 1. I started playing warcraft 3 when I got out of counter strike scene, after a lot of online and lan league and tournament, I wanted to try a new thing, I loved warcraft 3 custom games, DOTA, Green TD, line tower wars, enfos, castle fight, I play for many years with my friends, we have an old clan DST, Dei Squad Team, they all have invite to HoN except me, their nicks are elitro, ingsh, nx57, morpheus9999, balmung, dragon_tamer, etc you can confirm it, I think I will be a good HoN player and will give invite to my other clan mates that dont have chance to try this new game.

    2. I didn't play it yet, because no invite, but by the pictures and knowing it is based on dota, and by my friends comments it must be awesome, it will gather a huge ammount of fans and players I am sure, if you let me try it, I will post here more about it, that is all I can say without testing. thanks

    my email is:

  111. 1. I want to win because I'm on of the few people at my Gaming school to not get a key. Also, as I am attending a gaming school I like to take part in Betas and give feekback to the developers, its great practice for game testing positions. I have also played DotA since 1.0 and we play it on LAN here a lot of the time. I have been waiting for a stand alone game of DotA for a LONG time, and this one looks fantastic. I would like to help the studio balance the items, classes and maps, its a great oppertunity to have fun and have something on a resume. Lastly of all, because I love you??
    2.From what I've seen and understand of it so far they changed the skill hotkeys for the better, item shopping, character models, and landscape are also vastley improved. One of the best changes is not using Battle.net for the online matchmaking which is one of the biggest pains of trying to play its mother game DotA. As stated before, I'd love to give feedback to help these improvments, as great as they are, as great as possible. As a straight 'port' of DotA its great, and with new maps and characters it will be what kills WCIII battle.net player numbers, and that not nessecarilly a bad thing. So I hope you can provide me with a key. I'd like to be a participating Beta member, and like to play and test with my fellow students here.

    My E-Mail is Cadwae(AT)Hotmail.com

  112. 1. I have been playing games for about ten years now, both playing professionally and casually. Over these years, I have been selected for a multitude of beta tests, most being from Blizzard However, never have I been so interested in a game until I found out a new game was being created revolving around DotA - one of my most played games. I would like the chance to become a beta tester, I bring both experience and a keen eye for refining games to the table. I would love the chance to help Heroes of Newerth in the beta testing and also providing much feedback and comments about the game to help improve it.

    2. Heroes of Newerth is revolutionary beyond the feats of previous DBG due to many new improvements. HoN brings a revolutionary and new multiplayer engine that is superior to that of Demigod and even Warcraft 3 itself. Unlike League of Legends, HoN is not creating a new game, but instead, improving it. HoN is most like DotA and creates an environment such to recreate the DotA scene with much better graphics and a much better game engine. HoN is truly revolutionary in their efforts to recreate DotA on a new platform, only making it better and creating a standalone game that perfectly mirrors all of what DotA is about.

    Email: themyst(at)gmail.com

  113. 1. I've been a gamer since I learned how to play Tag at the age of 2, no joke. Frankly I'm bored of all the same old games I see floating around. Every new genre has pulled me in to it with hopes of finding that balance of indepth strategy and quick reflexive tactical decisions. Not many genres have that ability, but DotA is one of them. There are so many hidden mini games in DotA, from choosing the proper hero to pushing at the right time, to delaying that half second to deny a creep.

    2. HoN will revolutionize the DotA genre because there has not been any changes in it's basic gameplay since day 1. A new engine opens not just a door, but a world of opportunities, and I definatley want some of my input in the creation of what will be a ground breaking advancement in gaming. Making a game with the right amount of strategy, tactics, action, and social elements is hard, but I think DotA has come close, and I want HoN to hit the bullseye.


  114. 1. Dota is my FAV game and I would really like to try any new versions.

    2. I haven't played HON yet but from the vids and the pix it looks really awesome. one of the games that's going to take the gaming industry by storm.

    Email: camoflage007@gmail.com

  115. Well i dont have awesome answers like every one else but here it goes

    1. I want to win a HoN beta key because firstly my friend introduced me to the game by screenies that he took. Which got me really intrested in the game HoN as it was graphically different to the Standard Dota map. Secondly i want to win a HoN beta key so that i am able to play on HoN with the friend that introduced me to it,and also the fact that i really really really! want to play it :D as it is a change from the everyday waking up and dotar'ing on wc3.

    2. Of course its gonna revolutionize the dota based games that are out right now. Not only will every addicted to the regular Dota want to play this game, but every one else who has a glimps of the graphics and gameplay will aslo want a piece of the action, just like me.

    3. Oh and by the way, i've only played dotA on wc3 III tft. So to play this game will give me a different experience! If a beta key could be spared to me it would be greatly appreciated~~

    Email : aka_gabe_n(at)hotmail.com

  116. I'd really like to have HoN beta key due all my friends are currently moved to play it. I have played DotA, warcraft III and WoW. Nhrive@hotmail.com

  117. 1)I am a (noob) player of savage2.I Think is very very fun,i played as a commander sometimes,not many times but when i did it,it was very fun. I am honest,i never played an rts game,but the rts system of savage 2 is very fun and sometimes i thought "a game based on savage 2 ocmmanding would be very fun",then i discovered HoN.i want join the beta of this game because i want play a game based on commanding system of savage2,and finally discover the rts genre of game.

    2) As i said,i never played an rts game.I Know that this answer will deny me the acces to this beta,but you said to be honest,so... :=

  118. 1. I've been playing DotA for about 5 years. I have not played any other game since (with the exception of Starcraft ocassionally). I want to find a new game that captivates me as much as DotA has and if possible, be part of the game production. The whole DBG genre is amazing to me and I want to be a part of the production of HoN.
    2. HoN has many possibility for revolutionizing the the DBG genre besides improving asthetics and stat tracking. I believe HoN by being a standalone game can add more depth, strategy, and teamwork to the game. Additionally, it can help lower the steep learning curve that DotA has by setting up servers for learning/tutorials. HoN has the ability to bring DotA to the mainstream and make it so much more.


  119. awesome game, i would appreciate if u have a beta key to give me. thx. somik85@gmail.com

  120. 1. I am a big dota fan, I play the game with my friends almost every night as a means of getting together and having fun (Since most of them are overseas...). Sadly dota is getting a little stale and it would be great to have a much more improved version to play.

    2. With the K2 engine, HON will breathe a new life into dota by overcoming the limitations of old wc3 engine. While still reamianing faithful to the spirt of the old game, HON will bring the game into the new gen and to a wider audience.


  121. Hi there.

    I want a betakey because of my love for DotA, and ever since I started a couple of years ago, I've been kinda bored of the engine.
    And a great reason to give me a key, is that almost all of my friends play DotA to some extent, so I could bring alot of people into the HoN scene.

    The big change with HoN I think, would be the tracking system I've been hearing about. So you could see the players stats. And hopefully avoid leavers and such.

    Thank you - best regards
    /Adrian - [spanklers@hotmail.com]

  122. Hey,

    I want a beta-key simply because I'm extremely interested in this game and about to be extremely bored the next month. My Summer semester ends soon (after this weeks finals) and I'll have almost a month of free time before Fall starts up. I quit online computer gaming when I went to college but I use to play DotA (semi-competitive even) and this game has once again sparked my interest. I wouldn't mind getting on and getting some of my competitiveness back in a DBG.

    This game already revolutionized the concepts as far as I'm concerned. It's taken a great game concept and expanded it in all directions, tracking system, new graphics, etc etc. It's done what no amount of third party programs could do for a game that was restricted due to it's "game inside of a game" limitations. Keep up the good work and the good thoughts and you've got a winner. It's already one of the most competitive and popular game concepts with limitations, imagine it without limitations in your hands... scary.

    /Michael - fawkes1022@hotmail.com

  123. 1. I've been a dota player for two years, i can't say that i'm the best but i play good, and i want to try this game too.
    2 The ideea is to create DotA without Warcraft III, because it's a great game played by thousands maybe millions of people, but it's still based on a game from 2002. HoN is like a DotA clone, but with better graphics and stuff. So i think Hon is going to revolutionize the DotA comunity.
    /Cata - galea_yamcha@yahoo.com

  124. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    I would like to see for myself the difference between DoTA that has spawned the many games that are trying to represent a free-standing version of this new phenomena of RTS/almost-RPG. I've played many years of DoTA and have watched it grow. There are many tiny factors to playing the game that I believe makes it very unique. I am hoping to see if HoN carries on the many strategic aspects of DoTA.

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre? HoN will revolutionize the genre by allowing for the first representation of a stand-alone DBG game. With new engine possibilities and an interface not developed around RTS intentions, it'll bring fresh ideas and eye candy to all.


  125. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    I want a key because I want to start playing HoN as soon as possible with my other clanmembers of Murlocs to Get a good start when the full game comes out and the tournaments starts ;)

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?
    I think that its a good way to start the next generation DBG games by bringing the soul from one of the best DBG games, DotA. I think by doing what you did and making it like an upgrade of DotA will make people ready to evolve their DBG with our Technical and graphic development

    // maffz


  126. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    I would like a beta key to help test this quickly advancing project. It was a great idea and I would love to help make it grow. I have played DotA for 4 years and would he honoured to try a modernized version of this game.

    2. How do you think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DotA based games(DBG) genre?

    Like others have mentioned, HoN will introduce a new era of stand-alone DBGs capable of features never thought possible in a wc3 engine. This game has great promise and will revolutionize its genre through enhanced graphics and gameplay.


  127. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    i want a key because i want to play the new-age DotA! simply :D

    2. How do you think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DotA based games(DBG) genre?

    DotA is a very good game, and HoN will be the revolution because of his graphics and gameplay :D

  128. 1)I'm really wanna try out this game,unlike other games,dota had great replayability like no other games yet HoN which perfect the game with whole new engine.Looking forward to see how this game brings a new age for us dota players :D
    2)As long as nothing that ruins the game anything will do......:D

  129. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    I want to have the key because I go playing and giving support dota of about 6 year .. it looks like to me an incredible project. this it very unique .seems to me to be fascinating, for the same desire to take part since I see a great future

    2. How do you think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DotA based games(DBG) genre?

    I believe that it is a revolution of the genre, because the genre goes very much years and can use of the whole experencia of all the rest games, and one sees a strategy of great level and a few incredible graphs

    thx :) god job

  130. 1. Why do I want to win a HoN key?

    I want to win a HoN key because I feel that DotA is a wonderful map and idea. I also think that the DBG is going to go to the top in the world of video games. I have heard a lot about this game from friends and seen screenshots and videos. It looks amazing. This game is really going to push the DBG to the next level in my opinion.

    2. How will HoN revolutionize the DBG era?

    I think that HoN will become one of the top DBG games. The graphics are going to push the other games to meet its level. The new age look is going to draw players to the game and the fact that it is of the DotA, one of the most played MOBA games out there, type era it is going to make a boom. I would love to be a part of the BETA group to play the game and would be 100% willing to do anything to help improve the game in order to make it rise above all the rest.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Email at: knee.knober@yahoo.com

  131. 1. I heard a bout HoN a while ago from one of my four friends from high school who come over at least twice a month to get our DotA LAN on (seeing as we're college kids and all we can get away with this). We were drawn to DotA because it was an opportunity for all of us to exercise our mutual love for games together in a game with enough depth to keep every game fresh and allow for near infinite degrees of mastery. Over these sessions, our team motto has become the battle cry, "Pwn noobs all day!" Anyway, with such an attachment to the game type that DotA has helped to pioneer and the people with whom I've learned the game, I was distraught when two of these friends received beta keys from a friend who, while mutual to them, lies outside my circle of acquantaince. So here I sit, as they bask in the glory of the beta mere feet away from me, and how I wish I could join them in these the glorious battles that tantalize my ears with cries of BLOODBATH!! and ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!

    2) I hope that HoN will do two excellent things to help revolutionize the DotA Based Game genre, first, it will allow a forum for new game mechanics to be attempted that were impossible under the constraints of the wc3 engine by creating an engine designed for the explicit purpose of supported a DotA Based Game. Second, HoN will provide a unique case study for divergent evolution in games. When HoN is released, the paths that DotA and HoN will take will be interesting to observe for fans of the genre and I can't wait to see the direction that HoN will take the genre with such a strong love for the constantly evolving game that serves as its roots. I hope that this game will also provide a validation for IceFrog and the whole team that helps make DotA happen. The community and joy that this game brought to the world, all without ever asking for a penny from the daily player is worthy of sainthood in my book. Thanks for making a great game, DotA team (if you're reading this) it's wonderful.


  132. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    I want to have the key because I go playing and giving support dota of about 6 year .. it looks like to me an incredible project. this it very unique .seems to me to be fascinating, for the same desire to take part since I see a great future

    2. How do you think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DotA based games(DBG) genre?

    I believe that it is a revolution of the genre, because the genre goes very much years and can use of the whole experencia of all the rest games, and one sees a strategy of great level and a few incredible graphs

    thx :) god job useless.pain@gmail.com

  133. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    What a question… I like these types of games (like DotA) and I am playing DotA a lot. So I am interested in this game. So thx (if) for beta key :)

    2. How do you think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionize the DotA based games(DBG) genre?
    It depends if HoN will be accepted by community. If yes, HoN will be developed and there is chance that HoN will bring some new elements to this genre. If no, game will fall to history…

    Arathorn112 (at) gmail.com

    PS: I am also interested why are you doing this closed-beta, cuz open beta witch questionary before registration is (as for me) more effective.

  134. DotA by itself is an incredibly influential game. It took an idea as simple as scenario creations in an already complete game and turned it into a completely brand new way to run an RTS. Not only that, but Warcraft III is not a game made for even that type of play. The map was so revolutionary that it created gameplay not many people considered fun. With the incredible implementation of team play and uniqueness, it came out to be a game played more competitively than the game it's based off of.

    Now, I've been playing DotA for years now, and it is probably the game I can just chill back and play with my friends anytime. Numerous crazy moments have made that game memorable and I hope to experience this same thing in Heroes of Newerth aswell. Although it is basically a DotA with better graphics right now, I believe they will morph it into their own thing over time. And I hope they find their own taste to add to it. I've played it, and for a beta I believe it's absolutely fantastic. I'd love to have an account of my own to try and see how my stats line up, as I've only played on a friends.

    Thanks again. *Lastorax@gmail.com*

  135. 1) I have many Dota frineds who will want to try something new and still fun like dota.
    2) If anti-leaver and anti-noob will be better than in Dota , sure this game will took huge part of Dota players.


  136. i am playing dota long time and i wanna try something with better graphic and same nice gameplay my friends got already a beta key and i was hoping to get one too soon .

    Mail: wo-ox@hotmail.com

  137. 1) Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    - I have been playing DotA for years now. I play with friend, compititions and online. It is my fav game of all time :) ive seen HoN vids and seen my friend play it and im in awe at the awsomeness of the game! I would really like to be a part of the closed beta before I buy the game when it comes out. I just cant wait for that! Taking the best game ever and improving it is brilliant, i would like to become a part of the revolution asap :D

    2) How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?
    - Like i said, taking the best game (Although it is only a War3 map) and making it into its own game with the latest graphics is genious. There are thousends of DotA lovers and im sure they will support HoN. HoN WILL become the most played DBG ever, im sure it will overtake the vast popularity of DotA!

    Hope you are kind enough to give me a beta key of my own :) would like to join the horde of players already playing :P
    Email: leoh(at)plhproperties.co.za

  138. 1- I am curious to see how game this compare wit. I the vanilla version os dota.

    2- I teste my potential

  139. 1)Why do you want to win a HoN beta key?

    I want to win the beta key for an bunch of reasons, I like the dota game style (it was the reason I bought WC 3). Me and my friend play allot and are pretty competitive. But Here is a big problem one of my friends brother got a Beta key and gave 2 of my friends a beta key so now they are going crazy and plays HoN all the time, so now Im trying to get a beta key.

    so the main reason is i want to play with my friends.

    2) How do you think will HoN revolutionize the Dota Based games?

    I have watched only a few videos, heard/read about it. I think it looks great and Im happy that it came a "new dota" that practically is like dota, I tried playing bad veritions on the Battle.net but everyone was just a bad copy, and then came demigod and I thought nice a good looking dota but I got really disappointed and i didn't like it at all. But I think that lots of people will start playing if they here positive response from the players.

    so that's why I should get a beta key so please please please give me a beta key.

    /Baboon Lover

  140. 1)

    A bunch of my friends including myself, played Dota competitively in Cal Main. They all managed to get Beta keys and are currently playing this game. I committed more than 40 hours a week for the past 4 years into Dota. They say that HoN is a perfect remake of this game, though I find it hard to believe, the videos do seem very appealing. If it runs as well as Dota, I will find a new game to commit my time to. Cal being closed, I hope that there will be a competitive aspect to this game. Please give me a beta key so I can test this game with my friends and see if its worth committing to.

    2) I think it will revolutionize the game in many ways, one of course being the great graphics that come into place. This will attract many other players into the game of Dota, which has always looked quite ugly. Though the concept of the game Dota was great, we need something with both looks and quality. Heroes of Newerth gives gamnes that resemble Dota the competitive edge and will promote these types of games to make them more popular. All games need more competition and players, HoN will give us this.

    email: seanhao90@hotmail.com

    give me a key so i can get into the action please :)

  141. 1)I love play DotA and i play every day with my friends they got 2 beta keys for HoN and are playing for like a week id like to join and see how the game is going.

    2)HoN is the new DotA after 1 years of 2 alot of DotA players will migrate to HoN and those who don't play DotA for the low graphics will now have a chance with awesome graphics.With ranks and a better profile system this game sure rocks.

    Email - gm_is_loco(at)hotmail.com

  142. I have played dota for 4 years and am an approved host at banlist.nl. I deserve a key


  143. 1) Dota is an addictive game and i would like to see if this game has the potential to challenge the mighty icefrog.
    2) HoN will set a precedent for all dota based games with its graphics and similarity to the actual Dota map.

  144. I love playing Dota and I want to help push it to the next level.

    As long as you don't pull an EA, I'm sure you'll rock the dota world.

  145. 1) I would like a beta key to see how this game compares to dota (which i have enjoyed playing for years). Aswell as this my friends are playing it at he moment and without a key i can't join them. they are going on about how good it is and i would like to see for myself to enjoy something which appears to match it if not beat dota then i would like to be part of that and be able to enjoy it with my friends.

    2)i think HON will revolutionise the DBG genre by offering a new and exciting style of DBG with different characters and content which allows for a change away from dota.

    ideally i would like to find out all of the other ways in which it is changing the genre by trying the beta aswell as joining my friends playing it at the moment.


  146. 1)These days I was watching dota movies on youtube, and I saw there, "Heroes Of Newerth : New DOta", then I watched it, and I loved it, and I really have to play it, cuz it look very very exciting and more fun than the usual dota that everyone here has used to seen... then thats it...

    2)I guess, first the game will have own engine, and not a wc3 engine aslike the usual dota, and now in updates will have alot of new things, and the gameplay improvement will really really have an improvement, things like that, anyway it looks really really nice, I loved it, and that's it...



    Hugs and Kisses ;D

  147. 1. I've played DotA for 6 years now. I still love the game; the constant updates make it enjoyable throughout. I just had a look at the game play trailer when I was looking around today. I just witnessed this game today and I already want to be a part of it. The graphics and game play looks amazing. I would love to participate in this game if possible.

    2. I believe that it is a revolution of the genre, because the genre goes very much years and can use of the whole experencia of all the rest games, and one sees a strategy of great level and a few incredible graphs

  148. bomberstiffy@yahoo.comJuly 22, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    1. I've been playing dota as long as I can remember. I started watching my brother play warcraft when i was about 3, and loved it ever since. I tried many other games, but none were as good as DotA. I have played in tournaments, and won. My team does pretty good, and I would like to try Heroes of Newerth on the Beta before it comes out to sale. My friends/team partners got keys and we wanted to play together.

    2. I think this will change the face of all games in this genre. This game will rival Starcraft 2 in graphics and popularity. This breaks the boundries that Warcraft III put on the game, and allows for DotA to reach its potential in Heroes of Newerth.

    <3 bomberstiffy@yahoo.com

  149. kyle_sarcilla@yahoo.comJuly 22, 2009 at 8:54 PM

    1. I am hardcore fan of dota.. so anything related to dota I want to try and play even just to compare the engine... HoN seems to give a lot of promising things that WC3 can't due to its restriction. So I want to play dota to test the engine and to experience first hand if HoN as they said is the revolutionize successor of dota...

    2. With Stat tracking, superb graphics engine, skills and heroes which all rooted from the DOTA I think its the best way to revolutionize DBG.. And the Potential is there you can feel it. P.S. Why don't you persuade Icefrog to go with you? Because Icefrog is the Pope of the DoTA Religion.. With the new engine game balance which icefrog tried so hard to keep might be well experience with the HoN high end engine...


  150. Dota is by far the best game I have ever played. I have been playing Dota for about 3 year and have been scriming(clan matches) for about 2.I didn't think it would ever be possible to better dota, which is why I am so interested in this game.

    To be honest I do not think this game will revolutionise the DBG because no game has ever come even close to Dota. But I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong.



  151. 1: I started playing DoTA about 4 months ago, and I was hooked. It isn't an exaggeration to say that DoTA Allstars is my favorite game of all time. I love how this relatively simple game allows you to develop your character in any way you want using items. The characters are very well balanced. I've been hooked on it for a pretty short time for a DoTA gamer, but I think I'll stick with DoTA for a really long time. I've never had more fun playing a single game in my life. So when I got a call from a friend who tested Heroes of Newerth Beta, telling me how amazing it was, I decided I wanted to try it out. From what I've heard, it has only improved my favorite game, so I really want to try it out. I'm 99% sure I'll love it.

    2: HoN will be a landmark in DoTA based games for several reasons in my opinion. Most importantly, it is an independent game, which will free it from the restrictions of being just a Warcraft mod and allow more versatility in the design of the game. Another reason is because its graphics are much better than the warcraft three graphics, allowing more visual detail than any DoTA warcraft mod. Also, the map is very similar to DoTA Allstars, which will attract a very large base of gamers hoping to get more out of a similar experience, so I think it will be a very successful game. There has been widespread support for the game from both avid DoTA players and people who haven't even heard of DoTA alike. Another of the greatest advantages of the game is that it is no longer neccessary to buy Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne expansion to play it. Having an independent, expanded version of DoTA Allstars is very cost-effecient and beneficial, especially to first time gamers. DoTA is one of the most successful (and best) mods of all time, and I'm certain that a game that improves upon it will revolutionize the game industry.


  152. 1: this game is a DBG with so much graphics and probably a better balance(DOTA heroes balance sucked, invis will win if the enemy dont do anything fast)

    2: i think this will crush them, this game is a DBG with a lot more of graphics, it will need a lot more of work because you must update in every dota update(and more, because of bugs and a lot of other things) and you must update more things, i think it will be a hard work, but it will be really really good.


  153. 1. I have played DotA with a big group of IRL friends for a couple of years now and I would love to try out this very nice looking game.

    2. This game looks really revolutionary and with the upgrade from 2D in DotA I think it will have a bigger playerbase.


  154. 1. I started playing DoTA about 4 years ago I'm the number one fun and Hon graphics are amazing!!
    i really need to play this game!"!!

    2.ghraphics/gameplay/number of players/maps/everything!!

  155. 1. i wanna play cause when i look images and videos of the game i get crazy i'm dreamin with this games and no one helps me to get a beta key and now you can... if you do thanks very much

    2. i see an onther guy playing and i think this game will be the most playable in the world cause is like dota wich one is almost perfect but withgraphics and other advantages i really want to get a key thanks


  156. 1. cause dota is something extraordinary... all the games that i've ever played dota is totaly diferent, u can use your skills on the game, absolutely....

    2. cause the graphics, gameplay, synergy... everything is diferent. The player can interact with the characters, using the character skills with theirs...


  157. 1. I'm a DOTA user for a couple of months only but don't see any improvement in the graphics.

    2. I want to see better graphics for DOTA like games.


  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    Very wonderful video make you want to play it: P
    2. How do you think will revolutionize the Newerth of Heroes DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?
    its enhanced graphics and diversity I want to play
    Just be honest.

    plz key :S

  160. 1. Out of all the Dota-based games coming out recently, HoN has always been the one that most interested me. From what I've observed so far, HoN is adopting Dota's fundamentals but adding its own unique twists and features, which greatly intrigues me.

    2. HoN will revolutionize the genre by graphically improving DBGs. It will also greatly change gameplay (for the better) as HoN is not restricted by War3's World Editor. This will allow for a plethora of new skill/gameplay mechanics that will be unprecedented within this genre.


  161. 1. I have played DotA with a big group of IRL friends for a couple of years now and I would love to try out this very nice looking game.

    2. This game looks really revolutionary and with the upgrade from 2D in DotA I think it will have a bigger playerbase.


  162. 1. I want to win a key because I'm pretty curious since this game is based on DotA, which I play for a long time and enjoy quite a lot. It never gets me bored, and I put my faith on this game that it's very entertaining gameplay-wise, just like DotA is, from what I've seen on the previews. I admit that it mainly attracted me because of the stunning graphics.
    So overall I think... amazing graphics, great gameplay... This is definitely what I want to play!

    2. Mostly because of its "graphic upgrades" if we compare it with the other DBGs. It doesn't mean that we get a game because we love the graphics only, but this game looks promising when it comes to gameplay, which seems pretty dynamic as we can see.


  163. 1. I want to get a beta key because I've been playing dota for 2-3 years now, and I must say I just love it. And this game looks way better than dota. Its like moving from Warcraft II to Warcraft III, I mean.. from the videos I've seen the graphics is just amazing, and the sounds, it looks just awesome!

    2. I think the majority of the DotA community will switch over to HoN because of the improved gameplay, graphics and sounds. And for me, it looks like the perfect game! I also think the game will play a huge part in big e-Sport events like ESWC, WCG etc.


  164. I want a betakey because i want to have fun.
    I think Heroes of Newerth will revolutionalize the genre because of features like the one that lets you automatically deny leavers from joining your games.

  165. 1. I want a beta key because I've been playing DoTA for such a long time and this game just looks outstanding. I've had the thought of DoTA being put into an actual game before

    2. It will put all of the other games to shame, and will basically come out on top. It will be the 'world of warcraft' of this genre

  166. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?
    Because I think it can be better than dota, and i wanna try it =P
    How do you think will revolutionize the Newerth of Heroes DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?
    its enhanced graphics and diversity I want to play
    Just be honest.


  167. i want key becoz i love dota .. and this game is fucking awesome ^^ i tried it to my friend...he reccomender me this blog for key
    and have awesome graphics !

  168. 1) i want a HoN key because my 2 of my friends have beta keys, one who lives in pennsylvania (a state away), and one who lives in korea. i kinda feel left out XP

    2) i believe that HoN will revolutionize the DBS gnere because DoTA is such an amazing game that it was in desperate need of an upgrade. despite how fun it is, it is sad to let the game rot on such an old program as WC3.

  169. it's amazing that the name "DotA" is now a game platform term. I have been playing DotA for 2 years and I thought this HON is interesting.

  170. 1. We want to try this game and im want they are on DBS

    2. H0N is just as stand-alone game. plus new and "lenged" DotA Players to Share a new experiences

  171. 1. I've been playing Dota the last two and a half years and have been an active member on the DA forums and am now active on the PD forums (gotta stick with icefrog). I want to experience dota without the limitations of the Wc3engine, with the same high level of balance.

    2. First of all the new gfx will make the game widely appealing to both new and old dota-players. Freeing dota from it's wc3 limitations will mean less bugs and new fantastic opportunities

  172. 1. I have always loved DotA, and once I learned of HoN I just had to at least try it. Games like these is how a cousin and I interact, not only is this about playing, its about bonding with family.

    2. By eventually opening up to the main stream, DBGs can be more easily accessed by a larger population of players of all ages and technical ability


  173. 1. I want to win a beta key because I hear HoN mirrors DotA in gameplay to some degree. I love DotA and have been playing for about 3 years, but the restrictions of the WC3 engine are frustrating. Also the fact that DotA is a custom game makes it much more restrictive. The graphics of this game look amazing and the fact that it's gameplay is like DotA makes me want a beta key even more.

    2. Heroes of Newerth have already begun to revolutionize DBG's. The fact that you have begun adding competition to this previously untapped market is a big step in itself. This competition will broaden the market and gain more customers and players along the way. Not to mention the gameplay will improve across the board. It is a win-win for both developers of games and gamers alike.


  174. 1. I have AIDS :(
    2. I believe that HoN will revolutionize the DBS gnere because DoTA is such an amazing game that it was in desperate need of an upgrade. despite how fun it is, it is sad to let the game rot on such an old program as WC3.

    And hopefully one day HoN will cure AIDS :(


  175. All right, who COULDN'T want a HoN beta key? It's a mod for a popular game that's becoming a standalone game now! It's the ultimate fanboy dream! Personally, I'd like the beta because I'm (hopefully) a future game developer (then again, that's what every avid game developer says, but we'll see) and I'd love to see a game go through the developement process.

    Now, I've always liked DotA, but I've never been too good at it and only recently REALLY got into it. So think about it- let a nublet like me into the beta and watch your win ratings SKYROCKET!

    About the Dota-Based genre? Well, I don't think it's going to really revolutionize DBG... essentially, Dota revolutionized Tug-of-war. I think HoN is going to perfect it and introduce it to the real world- now that it's a licensed game, people who don't own WC3 can begin playing it. Random people who just happen to see the purdy graphics will stop by and pick it up to give it a try, or rent it to see what it's like, and the genre will get a name for itself!
    And just to be certain my email address got through (taking no chances!) ianjohn000(at)aim.com
    Spam bots have been warded. Routing the enemy now!

  176. 1.I love dotA and so love HON
    2.I believe in HON will revolutionnize the DBS gners to perfect

    pls send beta key

  177. 1. Why do you want to win a Heroes of Newerth beta key?

    -> I have been playing Dota for 4 years now. Always have been a huge fan of that game. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me about that game : Heroes of Newerth. He said it was dota-like but with "Better graphics". So i went on youtube checked out the gameplay and totaly fell in love with the game! I couldn't believe what i was seeing. Since then I'm trying my hardest to get a beta key to give my feedbacks and everything because i wanna be part of the revolution of "Dota".

    2. How do you think will Heroes of Newerth revolutionize the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre?

    -> I think it will revolutionize the game with its graphic. Dota couldn't get better (limitation) because TFT was released back in 2003. Aswell from what i've seen on youtube's vids HoN itself has it own engine which is superb in my opinion. It gives developpers more effectiveness et propulse the game to another "level". With all the new technology (i.e hd screens, etc..) releasing a new DBG will only make it better.


  178. 1. I've been playing DotA for over four years now. Been waiting for something like this since I started, and now it's here. Fantastic. I'd like to help out by reporting bugs and support people in game to make more people play.

    2. I think it'll be a huge revolution in gaming. I know so many people who play DotA, and they're sick of having to use WC3 to play, this is their solution. I can only imagine the endless possibilities if API's and Mods are allowed and if it's possible to create maps etc.



  179. hello

    1- i really want to try out this beta HoN, y played Dota since 4 years ago and all i want is play this beta hon.

    2- this will really revolutionize the DBS.

  180. I wanna a beta key i am playing dota for 4 years since I have 10 and now I have 14 so please give me the key =)

  181. 1)I play dota since i was 12 (4 year's) the fisrt time i played dota some friends teach me and now all them are playing this game.
    2) The style of this game its like WoW and other games like the new generation.

  182. 1) I want to win a Heroes of Newerth key because honestly speaking, DOTA helped me cope with depression (albeit it made me think about anger management). Heroes of Newerth to me, is like progressing in my therapy, moving on to newer and better things.

    2)From the video I downloaded, the graphics are just AMAZING and things aren't as cluttered as before. It's also easier to decipher heroes or their skills because of the new colors. Everything just looks improved, can't wait to try it!

    My e-mail is: xashleynguyen(at)gmail.com

  183. 1. i have been playing dota for several years now and i look at this game and just wanted to play it . but i cant because no beta key:(.i want to win it because this is future dota better graphic .. it looks tempting etc.

    2.It gives developpers more effectiveness et propulse the game to another "level". With all the new technology (i.e hd screens, etc..) releasing a new DBG will only make it better.

  184. 1. ive been playing dota for over 3 years now and i still quite a noob though but i enjoy playing the game.. but soom i have learned about HON.. i wanted to play the game.. please send me a beta key please..
    2. I think it will because it has a high graphics and the animations rock.. hope it has a light specs requirement so that all dota players who have small spec computers can still play...hehehe

    my email add is mfm1014@yahoo.com.. please send me a beta key please..

  185. 1.I have been playing dota for like 2 years not for perfection...just for fun...i like this genre of game...dota became a little boring...and that's why i wanna start play this new brand game HON:)
    2.It doesn't compare to dota graphics HON is much better at visual and the effects and animations...i think it will rise fast in the history of this genre...nice game keep up the good work:)

    My email alex_vaslui@yahoo.com

  186. I love dota plataform . is the best game in the world. but i want mor effects and grafic . i think the hon is what i need.

    i think tha hon has evolution the dota plataform.
    grafic, effects more inteligence..
    please give me a kei!@!!!

  187. ive been playing dota for a few years now and i play it almost everyday. and i would really like to try this game please send me a beta key.


  188. i wanna play this game because nice graphics and new heroes and items , actually better than dota

  189. 1.) Because,the heroes of newerth will be the next generation of Dota,and i have been playing Dota for the last four years and its getting old for me,i need something fresh,something more challenging and when i saw HoN,it reminded me of what strategy games should be,it evolves through time,and form Dota,i see it as a new breed and a true successor of just a mod evolving into an individual entity,now,i see it a whole new experience and a brand new addiction.

    2.) i think it will revolutionize the genre as a whole,to the point that in time,people will see it as not only the successor of Dota,but,Hey!,Lets play Heroes of Newerth,it will set standards to all dota based games,but right now it is hard to hold a candle to HoN as i see...

    my e-mail is:

    P.S more power,you have our support...

  190. 1. I'm an avid fan the Warcraft 3 based DotA but lately I've bought a new computer and all its capacity seems to go to waste. That's one of the reasons I would like to try out HoN and see if its any match fot the godlike game that is DotA.

    2. I expect more games like DotA to be put into development. Some of the will be bad rip-offs with unbalanced maps and poor overall design, but I'm also expecting better and better games from a variety of developers who draw on what makes DotA so popular. From what I've read HoN already moves into the right direction with better connectivity, game lounge system and statistics.


  191. 1. I don't play dota but i want to play HoN
    2. Lots of fun (i'm totally newb)


  192. This comment has been removed by the author.

  193. 1.i'm a big fan of dota and i realy like HoN i need a key to test
    2.this game 's amazing, grafic's great, i think in the futrue may be it can replace Dota :) love it


  194. 1. It'd be awesome-o if I could have a key, because all my friends are playing it, and I'd really like to join them. I've just started playing dota, and I'm almost as good as my friends. If I start playing HoN early, I'll probably get as good as them faster. And let's face it: who wants to be the last one picked? Haha! Also, the game looks supa dupa.

    2. It probably has already. People arn't as psyched to play lol anymore, and everyone's talking about HoN. And I need to be a part of that. Smoothness!

    My e-mail is kristofferhjellen@gmail.com

    Have a nice one!

  195. 1. I would like try out this game since most of my friend told me this game much better than dota. It would great for Malaysia community if i get to win a beta key and test it from an Asian country.

    2. Dota, build on an old game engine and nothing spectacular could be enhance on that game anymore because of certain limitation. I m pretty sure HON starting getting attention from the dota community

    My Email is orange1981my[at]hotmail.com

  196. Hi there!
    1. I want to play a game that will revolutionize the DBG-genre and gives DotA what it deserves, great graphics and enhanced gameplay and no restrictions by the WC3 engine.
    2. I think it will really interest people who decided not to play DotA because of the outdated gameplay and graphics. The whole DBG genre will grow immensely.

    Heroes of Newerth,
    Fighting the undead,
    Nailing League of Legends,
    Right on the Head

    My email is: henrik.w.andersson@hotmail.com

  197. 1. I own a internet cafe in IL and we have a large following of dota players that are interested in getting a beta into this, I want to be the first cafe to host some serious HoN tournaments and leagues.

    2. I love the graphics and i think they play style will converte well from the dota, the look and feel of the game has the capability to broaden an already large fan base for this game. It will definentily be the most played game in my cafe when it comes availible.

    my email is:Gumby004@hotmail.com

    you can check out my member list for the DMZ internet cafe on facebook as well

  198. 1. first of al i was and i am still a big dota freak becuse 5 years ago i played dota for the first time (in the reign of chaos version) becouse of dota i was an addict to battle net :p and that's why i bought frozen throne and there the dota versions (allstars) where even better as the previous ones on reign of chaos! and i was an addict one's more :)
    2. well my brother introduced me to heroes of newerth and i becouse he already had a beta key and i looked when he was p^laying and i just was amazed by the graphics! for example the water !!! it is so cool it just looks like real water! and the hero's are so cool to ! i think lots and lots of people wil play this fantastic game becouse who doesn't love dota??

  199. 1. I would love to help the developers with testing and suggesting things that will further improve the HON community and game. Also I love experiencing new games that I never explored before.

    2. It will change the way people think of DOTA and S2 games in a good way. I believe it will get the peoples attention.


  200. I started playing DoTA about 3-4 years ago, don'n remember exactly, on 5.84c version when rikimaru hat the stick ultimate :P.. that doesn't matter anyway,what matters is that i really want a beta-key to test the Improved version of DoTA that would probabliy surpass the old version .. Cheers.