Heroes of Newerth at DreamHack Winter 2011

Catch the live coverage of the DH 2011 HoN event.

This is the largest Heroes of Newerth online tournament to date.

DreamHack Winter 2011 - largest HoN Tournament in Sweden

12 teams battle it out for more than 44 000 US Dollars!
Are you ready?

HoN Teams attending DreamHack

News coverage by: NeutralCreeps.com

Matches will be streamed via HoN TV. (Update your HoN Versions)

Heroes of Newerth Group on Steam

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Ronin Swiftblade Avatar

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Gemini - a Hero of Fire and Ice

Winter is coming...

Cue Game of Thrones theme.

Find out more about Gemini:
Gemini | Heroes of Newerth