Linux Users Rejoice! More HON beta keys giveaway update

You don't have to be stuck using Windows XP or Vista just to be able to play Heroes of Newerth!
In fact, you can play using Linux!
Yup, you read that statement above right.
Since Linux distros like Ubuntu are free, you can save a ton of money that you would have otherwise spent on the Windows operating system software.
With that money, you can update your rig with the latest gaming hardware.

So if you're a Linux user, just reply to these questions and a beta key might be on your way.

1) What Linux distro are you using?

2) Why do you prefer using Linux to play games?

3) How do you think will a DBG like Heroes of Newerth affect the Linux gaming community?

If you still haven't given Linux a shot, here's a good reason to switch over.
To download Ubuntu - a free operating system, just log on to

And yes! You can play HON on Macs too!

If you're not a Linux user, don't fret. The Heroes of Newerth beta key giveaway is still open for you.

*Heroes of Newerth is a DBG developed by S2 games and is not affliated with Windows, Linux or Apple.
But you can play HON on all three operating systems!

This Beta Key Contest is now CLOSED!
Proceed to the last batch of beta keys.


  1. 1 Unbuntu 9.04
    2 It runs faster
    3 More people will use Linux

  2. 1 Ubuntu
    2 its free
    3 advertisement

  3. 1. Ubuntu, but testing Mint Linux
    2. Because it it open source, more hard to appear errors
    3. I am a linux user since 2005, but I never cant migrate 100% to linux because not all games are compatible, is a nice step of HON and a good sample to all game industry

  4. 1. Arch Linux
    2. Because is free and better than windows
    3. Is a nice invite to all people use linux

  5. Much more friendly care type of os!

  6. 1 Ubuntu
    2 its free
    3 advertisement

  7. 1. I use Ubuntu 9.04, mostly on my laptop. On my desktop I've used Ubuntu as well, and am now testing OpenSUSE (Though I do prefer Ubuntu :D)

    2. I am an advocate of open source. I believe that software, being an indispendable resource, should be maintained as free and open for all to not only use, but enhance and develop for the good of all.

    3. Heroes of Newerth, as we all know, is very similar to DotA, the ever-famous custom map to Warcraft III. The fact that such a popular game (or in this case, a modification of a very popular game) has made its way to the shores of linux is a chance for developers and game enthusiasts alike to be more aware that Linux is not only just an operating system; it is just as capable as any other operating system when it comes to games, and, due to its nature, would indeed be more flexible for game developers in the long run.

    Hooray for Linux! =)

  8. 1 i use unbuntu 9.0.4 but testing all kinds of linux source :) ...and i've been using windows for 5 years...and you've got many adnvantages when playing games ;))
    3.finnaly the easy way to play dota on linux :D

  9. 1.ubuntu
    2.obviously linux far better dan windows ...from both procesr usage and ram usage ... and whatever ga,es i played in lunx i can play better dan windows.
    3.i am a freak 2 seeing videoes of hon i am kinda mad 2 it. and so i jus wanna play dat game and in linux it wil b juss ggGG

    ma emailid is

  10. 1. ubuntu
    2. free, open source, no more drivers to install, no worries :)
    3. I use linux for work. Then I have to switch to windows dual boot to play dota. Now I can do both in 1 operating system. Hooray for a linux client.

  11. 1) Fedora 11
    2) The open source community is wonderful. The ability to customize everything gives you full control, and the fact that you're probably not the only person with these desires makes it easy to find like minded people, creating a diverse community of people working in groups to achieve common goals.
    3) It could be one of the much needed pieces to complete the puzzle that is linux desktop usage. People often complain that you can't play good games on linux, and that wine/cedega are too much work, so theys tick to windows. Putting out a good game for linux could be the last thing people are waiting on to make the jump

  12. 1) Ubuntu 9.04
    2) I already prefer Linux for work. I don't have to reboot to Windows :)
    3) It's a great idea to release multiplatform game client.

  13. 1)Ubuntu 9.04
    2)its free, open source and better than windows for gaming
    3)for better gaming environment, peple will use linux

  14. 1)Debian
    2)Linux has no viruses and it's way better to program under. Once you get used to it, you can't leave it.
    3)Most games are made for windows and hardly run on Linux, a game this good that runs in Linux will make a great improove for the open source community.
    E mail:

  15. Ubuntu 9.04

    It's free , it's great , it's easy to use ' batter them windows any day :D

    i use ubunto to work download everything just use windons to play some games :P

  16. 1.) ubuntu 9.04
    2.)its free and good
    3.)Its good and runs very fast

  17. 1.) ubuntu 9.04
    2.) I prefer running linux and as a result prefer to run games while in linux.
    3.) Hopefully positively. Ever new game means a possible new enticing reason to switch to the penguin side.

  18. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



    2)Much faster and less threat from virus infection and file corruptions.
    3)Yay. i think everyone is so relieve that a game such as hon exist in linux world and this will attract game developer to create new games for us linux users.

  20. 1) Ubuntu
    2) it's free and virus free and other stuff
    3) it's fast and many ppl using it

  21. 1) Ubuntu
    2) Linux takes a lot less of my computers physical memory then any other OS, its free...and I like the layout even tho it has nothing to do with it, still nice to look at tho.
    3) Whoever is on linux OS, I'm sure they will play this game, its a sweet game with bad-ass graphics, Linux does need more games and such, so I think the community will grow strong. :)

  22. 1) Ubuntu
    2) Linux much better then windows :) runs faster it's free.
    3) To bad that not every game works on Linux :) Since HoN will be working on it, I think lot of Linux users will be happy to play such a gr8 game :) (I love DotA). So i think that community will grow up really fast and strong ;)

  23. galea_yamcha@yahoo.comAugust 21, 2009 at 12:05 PM

    1) Ubuntu 9.04
    2) It's faster and better
    3) In gaming Windows is above Linux, but a start would be to make more games for Linux ... and well HoN is one of those games :)

  24. 1)Ubuntu 9.04
    2)It's open-source, community-managed, not a resource hog, and wayy faster
    3) nice move by S2 in bringing this game to the Linux community. Great example to set for other game developers to follow

  25. 1) Fedora 11
    2) I kinda need it for some compiling, and i hate dual booting, so i feel forced to use Linux.
    3) No idea, but I hope that it is going to do something for the gaming community as a whole, linux or not.

    tobiaseld(atat)googles mail point com

  26. 1) Fedora 11
    2) I kinda need it for some compiling, and i hate dual booting, so i feel forced to use Linux.
    3) No idea, but I hope that it is going to do something for the gaming community as a whole, linux or not.

  27. 1. Ubuntu. Best desktop linux.
    2. Linux is a very stable OS. More secure and best of all - it's free.
    3. HON will be a blast to the linux gaming world. And it will give linux people the chance to kick Win&@%$ guys' a$$ in-game.


  28. 1. Ubuntu
    2. It's way faster than windows and errors dont occur often.
    3. HoN will increase Linux users everywhere.

  29. 1) Ubuntu 9.04

    2) I use linux as my primary OS, I am sick and tired of rebooting to windows juste for playing during 1 hour or so. Linux games allow me to pause my work, launch the game, play a little and get back to work.

    3) It's a brilliant proof that linux gaming really works and that the only thing that prevents games from running on linux are game producer who do not thing that supporting linux is worth the investment. Hopefully HoN will proof that this idea is false

    Thank you very much :)


  30. 1.) Fedora 10, Puppy 4

    2.) Linux is fast, free and secure. I can easily customize it to my needs. Plus I don't have any problems playing games with it. With the proper configurations you can play games faster and smoother.

    3.) Of course, It'll increase. I think many will switch to Linux because of this. HoN may inspire other game makers to create games for linux. More power to Linux and its community.

    Thank you.


  31. 1) fedora 10
    2) the main reason is free licence.
    3) it will prove that linux can be platform for games.

  32. Need a beta key pls really need them

  33. 1) gentoo
    2) more flexibility
    3) HON increase linux users

  34. good day to all... i just want to have a beta for HEROES OF NEWERTH... The new life of DOTA are realy exciting... please give me a key to start with...

    More power to the DOTA lovers... please i need it

  35. 1. im currently using Ubuntu 9.04!
    2. ITS OPEN SOURCE! (free!) :D
    3. DBG games like HoN on linux will have many impacts. one of them is, more people would be using Linux. the second, more games would be created for Linux!

  36. 1) Ubuntu 9.04
    2) Having to boot Windows just for playing a Game is so annoying :(
    3) Finally, A native Linux improved fancy DotA! I love you for that!!! I hope there will be more and more Games for Linux in the future =)

  37. 1) Ubuntu 9.04
    2) triple F effect :Free Fast Funny
    3)Hopefully can be the first game that breaks even on linux

  38. 1) Ubuntu 9.04
    2) triple F effect :Free Fast Funny
    3)Hopefully can be the first game that breaks even on linux


  39. 1.)Ubuntu 9.04
    2.)It's free and cool..
    3.)Most players will switch to linux..

  40. Ernestlai (.at. ) hotmail (.D.O.T.) comSeptember 4, 2009 at 5:12 PM

    1.) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64bit
    2.) Free, Almost virus free*, much more stable and good for folding :)
    3.) Hopefully HoN can help rocket the linux gaming market which hasnt really taken off properly.

  41. 1.) Ubuntu
    2.) It is free and has a good style imo
    3.) Maybe this is one step towards games for Linux users ;D

  42. muhd220( at )yahoo( dot )comSeptember 5, 2009 at 1:04 PM

    1.) Ubuntu 9.04

    2.) I prefer using Linux for gaming because it is my main OS and it has many features that windows doesn't. It is superior to windows in many ways and I am very sad when I am forced to reboot into windows to play a game.

    3.) I expect HoN to be one of the top games playable on Linux, if not THE top. I expect the Linux gaming community to be thrilled when it is finally released, as I expect that many DotA fans are also Linux fans.

  43. zacman000@hotmail.comSeptember 7, 2009 at 9:12 AM :

    1- Unbutu 9.04
    2- Linux gaming is for me the best way to improve player's happiness ! no malwares etc. It's a free os and furthermore, it's faster.
    3-Hon will be the game of the year, it'll bring to our community many people !

  44. 1 - Ubuntu
    2 - I didn't exactly have any money at the time, and i was just feeling like trying something other than the mac/windows
    3 - Hon a copy of one of the most played maps in wc3, so it shud be the GREATEST!


    1)Ubuntu 9.04
    2)its free, little malware attack. good connection
    rarely hang
    3) more people use linux because it's cheaper and better... no fear to use linux again

  46. 1. Ubuntu
    2. Much faster and less threat from virus infection and file corruptions.
    3. Alot more people will use it, think HoN will be the game of the year! :)

  47. 1.Ubuntu
    2.Run game Faster than ever
    3.So that more people will use Linux

  48. 1. ArchLinux
    2. Build and compile kernel modules for testing and more fun.
    3. The community will grow up. Linuxer can set it up on mobile devices (Nokia N900) to play it everywhere.

  49. 1. Ubuntu 9.04
    2. The best for web navigation, stable, secure.
    3. Linux users that use windows to play games will have a good alternative!

  50. 1. Ubuntu 9.04
    2. No malware.
    3. More will user linux and HON game.

  51. i realy need a beta key plz fast.thx

  52. 1. Ubuntu 9.04 and (8.10)
    2. My pc is a bit shiity ( athlon ) and when i play games Ubuntu (8.10) eats up less Mem cash then other operating systems.
    3. poeople dont want to pay bill gayts cash .) and there are no viruses, and evil people at work cant figure out how to open my documents and find their way into the folder with all my prawn.

  53. 1.- On my Laptop Ubuntu 9.10, My sister laptop Ubuntu 9.04, My desktop Ubuntu 8.10, my server Ubuntu 8.04.2 Server. xD i am a full linux user.

    2.- I want to all my stuff only on linux. right now only use windows to play DOTA and is a great waste of my time, disk space and do not want to use windows!.

    3.- HON is a breakthrough for Linux, since it provides growth for the world of linux and all users who have had to rely on other operating systems to play, that wine is clear this has been a great help. But if the game is native to Linux makes a great difference in performance for sure.


  54. i used ububto 9.10 so far is the best distro of ubuntu

  55. 1. I'm using Ubuntu 9.04
    2. I dont want to pay money to use computer. I want to use free software.
    3. I think it is a good start for some people to use Ubuntu. Because some people dont want to use Ubuntu because they cannot play the same game that they were playing in windows.

  56. 1.Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 X64
    2.Much better than windows like (faster,malleable, better graphic effects with the 3d desktop :P...)
    3.This will create a revolution in the world of PC because i know from myself i use windows 7 and ubuntu 9.04 both; i just access my windows seven to play games because games under Linux are still weak even with wine but now with HON i think with 5 more games like it for Linux I'll get rid off my windows seven although i didn't payed for it :) cracked version with free updates :P

  57. oops forgot my mail mail for post just before

  58. Hi, I would really appreciate it if you sent me a HoN key. I’ve played dota for a really long time now, and the main reason I want to play HoN is because of the better graphics and hopefully better community. The people who play DotA seem to be so immature and childish. I don’t know if HoN will be any different… but I don’t mind trying. Anyways, I’ve been searching for a key for a long time and I would really appreciate a key. :)


  59. Thankx, my brother just bought a hon account, he is really pleased with the game. And he is a linux user like me :D THANKX