DotA to HoN Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Direct DotA Ports

Heroes of Newerth, highly touted as DotA 2.0 before Valve's announcement of Dota 2, has 49 DotA ports.

In order to assist DotA veterans who are interested in playing HoN before Dota 2's release, a list of DotA to HoN ports has been compiled.

Some heroes like Barathrum - Spirit Breaker / Rampage have been changed by S2 Games but the original premise has been kept.

Lone Druid (Syllabear) is Wild Soul (Yogi) in Heroes of Newerth

Stealth Assasin (Rikimaru) is Night Hound (Hantumon) in HoN

Lord of Olympia (Zeus) is Thunderbringer (Kunas) in Heroes of Newerth

Queen of Pain (Akasha) is Wretched Hag (BabaYaga) in HoN

Sand King (Crixalis) is Magmus (Magmar) in Heroes of Newerth

Clockwerk Goblin (Rattletrap) is Pharoah (Mumra) in HoN

Complete List of DotA ports to Heroes of Newerth
(list provided by: Neutral Creeps)

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