Free To Play Heroes of Newerth Launched

Back in 2009, S2 Games and Garena inked a deal to have Heroes of Newerth distributed in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

Garena and S2 Games is proud to present the launch of GARENA HoN.
Garena HoN is the experimental free to play version of the indie hit, Heroes of Newerth.

Since Garena Heroes of Newerth is free to play, the business model would revolve around the VIP system.

VIPs enjoy benefits exclusive to people who purchase VIP status.

Advantages of Garena VIPs

VIP status can be bought from Garena's website.

Free to play Heroes of Newerth is currently limited to the following countries and territories:
Full details released via Neutral Creeps:
Garena HoN Free To Play Launch Information

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