Heroes of Newerth Map Editor Screenshots

HoN Map Editor Update and Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots of the new interface that we've been putting on the Map Editor.

The K2 Engine (the game engine used to power HoN) has always had an editor. That editor was used primarily for 1 thing, create the maps (meaning terrain and doodads) in which we use for Savage 2 and HoN. That said, it was for internal use and was very archaic and missing some features that we would use console commands or scripting for.

What we have been doing, yes, working on it VERY diligently for the last few months, is clean up all those console commands and put a brand new interface that makes it much user friendly. That is no simple task mind you.

We are now on the finishing touches of that portion of the editor. We also have another set of features we must add now that the editor as a map creating tool is complete (or really close to). Those features turn the map editor into a much more powerful game editor. We could literally spend YEARS doing this portion of the editor as the sky is the limit. However, we want to incorporate many basic functions for altering the scripting within games. Once this is finished, we will have a tool that can be used to create other game types (say a tower defense or popular free for all maps like Fufu United Ninja All-Stars) within the Heroes of Newerth framework.

Check out some of the interface of the map editor, we're making good progress and trying to get it done ASAP. Please do note that these screenshots were taken in the alpha version and could be different from the final product.


Are you ready for your favorite Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 map ports?

*This feature will be also be available for GarenaHoN.


  1. this will be awesome :D

  2. Maybe it's time for a Fufu Ninja port to HoN!