Garena Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys Giveaway

Garena Heroes of Newerth is now giving away GarenaHoN beta keys!

S2 Games and Garena has partnered together to bring HoN to the following SouthEast Asian countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

So if you are a HoN player from one of those countries, you are LEGIBLE for this beta key giveaway.

*Do not attempt to join this GarenaHoN beta keys giveaway contest if you do not play in the aforementioned countries.

Here are three ways to get your Garena Heroes of Newerth beta keys:

Via Facebook:
Facebook Step 1 (for all countries covered by GarenaHoN):
Become a Fan of Garena HoN on Facebook

Optional Step (for Philippines only): Become a Fan of HoN Philippines

Facebook Step 2:
Wait for announcements via Facebook page status updates.

Via Twitter:
Twitter Step 1:
Follow @garenahon

Twitter Step 2:
Tweet @garenahon why you want to be play Heroes of Newerth on Garena.

*One of the first 1000 followers to tweet @garenahon will be given a GarenaHoN beta key.

Via Garena Gold Membership:
All Garena Gold members are given a FREE Garena HoN beta key.

Garena Gold Step 1:
Get your HoN beta key at:

There you have it! The 3 easiest ways to get a FREE HoN Garena beta key.
See you in the world of Newerth!

Additional GarenaHoN notes:

If you are from the Philippines, you can join the Heroes of Newerth Philippines Facebook Page to get your chance for a Garena HoN beta key. (Valid for Filipino citizens only.)

Remember, Garena HoN will only be available for the SEA region.
The servers have been region-locked.

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  1. I already twitted @garenahon how will they give me the Beta Key?

  2. please give me one beta key

  3. can I get a garena hon beta key? i'm from the philippines.

    please nid 1 beta key

  5. i want some beta keys!! so i can play HOn!! can you give me?? please!! =D

  6. pls... give me some beta keys...

  7. please give me some beta key cause i miss to play ho?please

  8. sir please gime sone beta key i realy wanted to play hon for life T_T i need it sir please im begging you

  9. sir please can u giv me a HoN beta key i am begging u to giv me a beta would be a dream to receive a beta key...