Want HoN for Christmas?

Don't know what gift to send for Christmas?

You can now have HoN sent as a gift for the holidays!

Visit http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/gift to purchase an online gift card which the receiver will redeem for a full paid HoN account. Immediately after your purchase is completed, the digital gift card will be sent to you and you can either forward it to you friend or print the festive card to give to your friend later.

Now if you want to be the one on the receiving end:
We've also made it really easy for you to inform loved ones that you want HoN for the holidays.

Visit http://www.heroesofnewerth.com wishlist to send a generic email to anyone you choose.


  1. Is the game going to be available to the public by then, or is this buying your way into the beta?

  2. If you want a beta key:

    Go to http://forumsofnewerth.com

    Make 10 posts and recieve a beta key.

  3. anyone there, pls can u help me find a beta key. ive been looking for someone to give me for 4 months now and yet until now i havent find one. pls. i beg u guys out there, i just want to play hon. this is my email address, phekz21@yahoo.com. thx a godbless

  4. Check out http://forumsofnewerth.com there are still many beta keys to be given out. Also if you are a active member there is a point system of where you can purchase GAMESTOP gift cards! It is like your are being a active member of a community and getting paid for it! Check it out!


  5. i've been searching for this game for weeks, and finally i got a beta key from http://sharpmethod.com

    the game is so stunning, its really rocks dude...im addicted