Heroes of Newerth Hero: Pandamonium

The fan-favorite HoN Panda is here!

They're cute, cuddly and deadly.
Heroes of Newerth is proud to present to you, Pandamonium - a new breed of hero.

The last of a race of warrior-monks sworn to a chaste existence in the misty Sang-La mountains, Pandamonium has left his bamboo groves for the battlefield. He moves with a grace that belies his great stature and strikes with fury surprising in one with such an apparently gentle nature. And though he is a creature of few words, the Beasts put great stock in his wisdom.
He's a melee-strength Legion hero who carries a bamboo stick and jumps up and down into combat.

Here are the HoN Panda's hero abilities!

Wanna try the PANDA out for yourselves? Join the beta of Heroes of Newerth.


  1. i love u Panda :)
    But i've not got a beta key.

  2. I like this game.I cant W8!Make fast all heroes and send me beta key !!! Is a grate game and have faantastic graphic.

  3. try this site


    i found a contest here for free beta keys!!!!

  4. Week I asked for beta key and I finally found it! All who had the same problem, go to http://sharpmethod.com and then enjoy the game!